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Neji lemon

Note from the author! most people do not read this part on smut blogs but I want to waste my finger energy anyways. Well it's been a few since my first post but more are coming even after this one. This one will take a few days to complete but it is going to be a good one. I find that there are not very many good Neji lemons. Don't get me wrong there are some good ones, but I hope this smutty blog will up the standards for Neji lemons.

Your profile in the storyline.
Name: Lanayru
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Ninja Satus: Jounin
Kekkei Genkai (sp??): Your family jutsu is kinda like seeing with contact instead of your eyes. So you can basically see with your feet. In addition you see energy flow as well so you see the energy of jutsu and any imperfections in them.
Looks: Whatever you want

The story is after shippuden I don't know if Naruto, Hinata, or Kakashi live through the whole show but who ever I mention are still alive and everyone is living sorta peacefully...

Your P.O.V.
Just like every morning your internal alarm woke you up right around 6:30, well every morning when you were not on a mission. Experimenting with making grunts and soft howls with your morning voice you thought 'man I'm never able to sleep in even when I get off a week long mission the day before.' You knew the cause of your inability to sleep your just a natural busy body you love to be doing anything all the time, plus you went over to your fathers quarters to spend time with him and your grand father cook meals for them and train even though both residence were almost identical. Your family owns an estate of property with two different large houses the one you and your brother live in used to house your grand father and and grandmother before she passed away and as for your mother she had died in battle when you had become a chunin. Your grandmother passed away a few months after you were promoted to Jounin when you were seventeen. Now at the age of twenty you live in your grandparents house with your brother on opposite sides of the house of course. And your grandfather lives with your father.

Back to the story.... You got up out of bed stretched real high and yawned. "Well let's start the day," you stated chipperly. Just as always you left your residence and walked across the courtyard to your fathers. Stepping into the kitchen you spotted your grandfather up already and making tea. "Good morning Lanayru," he greeted. "Good morning..tea like always huh old man," you chuckled jokingly. "Watch it young lady or you'll be eating dirt on the battle field today," he threatened with a grin as he tapped you upside the head with his spoon. You started a pot of coffee for yourself while you conversed with your grandfather. Right as you were finishing your cup your father walked in. "Hey stranger how was your vacation?" he teased. "Oh fantastic as usual dad," you replied sarcastically. He gave you a light one armed hug and proceeded about his own business. The three of you exchanged pleasant conversation. "Oh Ru (your nickname) Hiashi (Neji's uncle, he and your father have been friends for years) is coming over today so we will limit your training," your father told you as you headed to leave to go have a shower. "Oh that's such a surprise dad he only comes over here once a week," you laughed sarcastically. "Are we that predictable?" your father quizzed already knowing the answer. "You three are as predictable as hens in a henhouse," you announced. "You are to miss responsibility," your grandfather chirped in. "I know, it really is sad the product of my environment in which I've become. The two older men laughed. With that you turned and walked out of the kitchen and proceeded out of the house and across the courtyard towards your house to have that shower. As you walked you thought about how everyone that knew your father thought he was a hard nosed man, actual he kind of is just not towards his family.

By the time you were finished and starting to get dressed it was about 8:30. You finished getting dressed and made the short walk over to your fathers. "Alright I'm ready gentlemen," you stated when you found them still sitting in the kitchen. "Sounds good Ru," your father replied. With that the two men got up and discarded their cups in the sink. "I'll do those dishes later," you said noticing for the first time how many dirty dishes there were. "Actually I'd rather have you go shopping, don't worry about the dishes your grand father and I can wash them," your father replied. "Oh yea I know by the time I get around to making dinner for us the dishes will be washed," you rebuttled. "You just wait and see they will be done," your grandfather defended. "okay," you replied. By that time the three of you had made it to the center of the residence where another courtyard resided. "Start with physical combat and work your way up to endurance," you father instructed and you did as told. You completed those tasks within two hours well a little over two hours.(the training you completed was the combination of how Rocklee trains and Naruto's clone training.) "Your ready to preform the technique," your father half told, half questioned. "Pumped, and ready to go," you replied taking a drink of the water your grand father brought. "Then get into position hatchling then we will begin," the older of the two comanded stepping on the courtyard dirt. "ha now we'll see whose eating dirt after this old man," you remarked. "Young lady how can you say that when your unprepared," he barked laughing. Your eyes shot straight down to your waste. 'how in the hell did I forget it,' you thought. "Wait and see old man within the next few weeks I won't even need it," you pointed your finger at him as you jogged to leave to get the item. "Really! Hurry back then," your father exclaimed as you passed him to leave.

There it was you looked to the spot where it hung when you weren't on missions or training. the family crested stability belt. After grabbing it you ran your hand over the ragged old thing. The belt was very long to fit anyone who wore it. It was made with very thick black leather, a yellow jewel placed in the center and the family crest on either side. It's purpose was the family jutsu. Ninja in your family have to wear the belt to practice the jutsu for atleast three years well only when they practice the jutsu. This is because it would put so much strain on the body that without training with it the jutsu would slowly and permanently destroy the chakra flow through out your core and spine. You actually received it from your brother who received it from your father and so on. The belt was beautiful, ugly, and huge all at the same time, you loved it but it truly did look terrible on you. You clasped the belt around you and left your house and began to jog across the court yard. Closing in on the entrance of the house you noticed two men entering the gate to the estate. You recognized The older one as Hiashi (Neji's uncle), and recognized the other as a younger male of the Hyuuga clan. You knew little about him just that he is a Hyuuga and that he is ranked as a Jounin. You jogged to meet the two half way across the courtyard. "Good noon Lanayru," he greeted you with a light hug. "You look more like you mother every time I see you, how are you?" he said kindly. "Thank you, and I'm the same as I was a week and a half ago when you last saw me, you didn't miss my company to terribly bad did you?" you replied sarcastically. "I did as a matter of fact I missed that sharp wit of yours," he leered and smiled to suggest your sarcasm. The two of you finished friendly formalities and he glanced to his side like he almost forgot that the younger man was with and as he did so he cleared his throat. "Oh Lanayru this is my nephew Neji," he introduced with a smile. The younger man smiled and shook your hand and repeated his name as did you. 'he's really good looking' you thought to yourself. "Um my father's in the internal courtyard I was just headed back there," you motioned taking the lead. "Your not finished using that rugged thing yet?" Hiashi teased noticing the belt. "Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be rid of it," you chuckled as the three of you made your way to the inner part of the residence.

"Ah I was wondering what was taking you so long Ru," your father said as you, Hiashi, and Neji walked in. The three old men shared brotherly hugs like usual. You glanced at Neji and smiled to intend a pun on the three old coots. "so this is the important weekly meeting that my uncle attends," Neji remarked. "Yea it's the same every time," you replied. "Reshiram(ur father), Jakotsu(grand father) I'd like to reacquaint you with my nephew Neji," Hyuuga said aloud. "How are you boy," your father asked after they had all shook hands. With that the men shared more friendly formalities for a few min. "Well Hiashi Lanayru and her grand father are going to wrap it up here," your father told him. With that you and your grand father went to the center of the courtyard. While the two of you got into position you could hear the three talk amongst themselves. "Ready Ru?" your grandfather asked. "Always come at me old man," you boasted. With that he headed towards you at blinding speed. "Yatuhoshi," you activated your Kekkei Genkai (sorry for the misspelling.) Anticipating his every move you dodged his advances and threw hand signs into action as you focused in on him. At this point you were circling around him at invisible speed. He kicked it up a notch and started to fling fire rings at you but the next step in your process was complete. Your body radiated a sea foam green colored light leaving only your features visible. Then your image surrounded him, five of you in total, all of your five bodies vibrated dangerously. Your five bodies started to circle him in the air as you held a hand sign and you weren't running anymore you were held in place. No matter where he moved your vibrating forms circled around him to keep him directly in the center of your circle. All the mean while he threw jutsu after jutsu at you. At some points it would appear that he would land a lethal blow. But the true fact of it was you were moving so fast you were all five bodies but none of them at the same time. An orb of light gathered above the old mans head and again no matter where he moved or jumped it stuck and grew above his head. Just as it seemed to the audience that the attack was about to be made you cut the power to your jutsu and faded back into one your glow and orb of light dimmed into nothing as you dropped to the ground. Your grandfather and you hunched for air. " away..old man," you sneered with a smile. "You did fantastic Ru," he huphed. You walk over to him and offered your shoulder for support. "Lanayru, you have it down, you have been taking the belt on missions right?" he asked sternly. "Of course," you replied in self defense. "Well I think it's time you try in battle next time when it's your last resort don't hesitate, once you've used it in battle and succeeded it will be time to take off the belt, I'm proud of you," he smiled lovingly at you as the two of you walked back to the three bystanders.

A small applause was rewarded to the both of you. "Outstanding Lanayru, it seems your about done wearing that ugly thing," Hiashi laughed. "That's my Ru," your father grinned and slapped you on the back and pretty hard to. "Thanks dad," you said as you shrugged it off with a leer on your face. "How about we all have some tea," your grandfather suggested. "I agree," Hiashi added. The three men started to head back inside leaving you and Neji to follow suit side by side. "Minus one cup of tea gentlemen, I wouldn't be able to bare listening to you hens cluck at each other for the next three hours," you joked. The five of you had reached the kitchen. "Aw Ru we're not that bad," your dad whined in a hurt tone. "Oh yes you are, I have to go buy some things for dinner," you remarked. "I could go for some dinner," Hiashi teased. "we can make two extra plates why don't you two join us," your father requested looking between Neji and Hiashi. Neji was taken by surprise. "Now we wouldn't want to impose but if you insist Reshiram," Hyuuga replied. "Alright boys I'll leave you to your gossip," you turned to head out and glanced at Neji who glanced at you. 'Oh yea he is way good looking,' you thought as you went to leave. "Neji why don't you go with Lanayru, we'll probably bore you to death as well," Hiashi suggested. "It would be hospitable to our hosts to help the young lady with the groceries," he reassured him. "Unless you mind Lanayru," he supposed. You turned around. "Actually I would enjoy the company," you replied smiling at Neji. He smiled back and proceeded with you and out of the house.

Neji's P.O.V
You never thought when your uncle brought you along with him to meet an important associate of his, that you'd be shopping with the mans daughter. She held your interest though. 'I have never tried to get to know somebody this way before, I've been attracted to other weman before but not like this' you thought as you openly conversed with her. You to talked the whole time you shopped. You hit three stores and headed back up to her estate. The two of you made it back around 5:00. Still in mid conversation you two entered the kitchen. "So what's on the menu tonight," Hiashi asked looking at the both of you. "Just some simple vegetable gumbo and rice," she replied sweetly "Neji you can set the groceries over," she pointed out to you. You talked with the older gentlemen while she cooked and you couldn't help but glance at her. Every so often you'd find her eyes on you. As all of you sat down to eat she sat beside you. The food was pleasing and you noticed by the end of the meal that the stimulus of the company had put you in a good mood and you rarely are in a good mood, maybe a fair mood but not a good mood. It was all to soon when you and your uncle left around seven. Though you had a feeling you'd being visiting her residence often.

Nobodies P.O.V
After that night Neji started visiting Lanayru and her family with his uncle except when he was away on missions. Lanayru and he started spending time together outside of their relatives weekly get togethers. They also started training together and with their peers.

Your P.O.V
As you hopped in the shower and your anticipation grew. 'i can't wait to see him after he reports when he gets back from his mission today,' you thought. It had been three weeks since you last saw him. Out of the five months that you two have known one another you've only spent about three months around each other because of both of your missions. Nevertheless you cared for him deeply and wanted to reveal that to him more ways than one. You got out and got dressed and still yearned to fast forward the day. To pass the time you trained a little with your father and went to coffee with your friend Kumiko. When you got home it was around five so you went straight to your fathers house to say hello to your father and grand father. Once in the house you made way through the kitchen and den towards the study where voices emitted. Before you even got close to the ajar door you could distinguish three voices. To hear his voice again made your heart flutter. "How's it goin boys," you announced your presence and gently rapped on the door. "Hey Ru, just in time Neji's been here an hour waiting for you," your father stated to you. "Good to see you Lanayru," Neji greeted with a smile and staring you down. "You too, thanks for waiting for me and putting up with these old coots," you remarked. "I enjoyed myself," Neji replied. "Old coot!" your grandfather repeated with fake hurt. "Oh yes old man, I know you have tougher skin than that," you joked. The four of you visited for abou ten min and Neji suggested that you leave to go see some friends.

You and Neji had dinner with some friends and had a few drinks. Around 9:00 a few of your friends left leaving three of you which at that time you all decided to leave. You and Neji walked the single friend home and the two of you proceeded towards your house. When you were with him everything was great and by the time he walked you up to the door of your house you really didn't want him to leave. He apparently didn't want to leave either since he kept the conversation going. "Um do you wanna come inside," you asked nervously and trying to be nonchalant. "Yes," he answered obviously relieved. While you opened the door you felt the anticipation grow in the pit of your stomach. "You were right your house is almost exactly identical," Neji observed as you entered the kitchen. "Yea except two big differences the interior decorating and food," you smiled. Man how you loved his voice and with him standing in your kitchen made your belly do flips. "I'm the only one here most of the time and I usually don't spend a lot of time in my own house you know," you rambled. "I cannot keep much food either," he replied. 'Our conversations were never this boring, ha he's as nervous as I am ha ha I've never seen him in this light,' you thought and laughed a little internally. "Um would you like something to drink, all I have is tea and water," you opened the fridge and grabbed the jug full of tea for yourself regardless if he wanted some or not. "Tea would be fine," he requested. You proceeded then to take two glasses out of a cupboard and fill them three quarters of the way full. As you poured the liquid Neji walked across the kitchen and around the island in the middle to stand next to you. "Uh I like lemon with mine how about you?" you asked and grabbed a lemon from the fruits basket hanging from the ceiling. "I don,t particularly like anything with my tea," he answered as you grabbed a knife to cut the lemon on the middle island.

'Why am I so tense it's not like i haven't stood this close to him before maybe it's because I haven't seen him for three weeks,' you thought. "You know I missed you while you were gone Neji," you stated in an effort to decrease tension. A moment of silence passed and you gulped nervously trying to scan your brain for something to say. In one fluid motion he stepped to you and put his arms around your waist. He pressed his body to yours and placed his lips right next to your ear. "I missed you to Lanayru," he whispered into your ear. This sent pleasant pulses through your whole body. "Neji," you sighed placing your hands on his. Neji kissed below your ear and grazed his lips along your neck. He then gently grabbed your chin and turned your face towards him. In result his lips met with yours. The electricity that you were receiving from this made you melt into him. You broke the kiss and turned around. There was a look in his eyes that made your senses leap, he pulled you closer against his hard body and kissed your velveteen lips again but harder. With your arms draped over his muscular shoulders Neji glided his tongue over your bottom lip requesting entrance. Instead of allowing this right away you in return nibbled his bottom lip and repeated his action. Feeling him smirk in to the kiss you granted his tongue access which he took immediate advantage of. His tongue danced with yours in perfect sync and as he took control of your mouth he reached his hand up and laced his fingers in your silky hair.

By this point your senseS were in a frenzy and your skin was hot. He pulled your head back to expose the enticing flesh of your neck. No doubt this was a upward spiral of passion that you fell into with content. Your eyes closed and you released a breathy sigh when he started to kiss and nibble at your jaw line down your neck where he licked and kissed along his trail to your collar bone. His other hand that was placed above your ass hugging you to him moved and lightly grabbed your hip. You arms had also shifted to where you had the left hand gripping his back and the other hand under his shirt grazing your knuckles along his hard well toned stomach. As soon as he let go of your hair he was kissing you with ferocity. The hand gripping your hip slid under your shirt and up your side. With his palm placed on your ribcage Neji stroked your soft skin and also part of your bra. While you broke the kiss you grabbed the bottom of his shirt and stared into his clouded eyes. Without a second thought he let you take it off. The sight of his toned body made yours shudder in excitement. He then decided to expose your top half as well and took your shirt off which revealed a tight gray-blue bra that held your boobs nicely. "Your beautiful everywhere," Neji commented in a husky tone. His words made you blush and he took your face in his hands and kissed you passionately. After breaking for air you licked and kissed up his neck to his ear. "Uhhnn," you moaned softly before tracing the lobe of his ear with the tip of your tongue. You could tell that this excited him even more because he started to rub your body in places he hadn't touched before. Neji gripped your ass and when he reached up and cupped your right breast you bit down on his shoulder. He growled in pleasure and picked you up by the ass which forced you to wrap your legs around his waist. "My bedroom is down that hall, to the right and then your next left," you informed him pointing behind you. That was all the consent he needed, you went back to nibbling his ear as he headed towards your room.

Once inside your room he glanced around for a sec then shut and locked the door. Before placing you onto the neatly made bed he took his shoes off. He laid you down on the bed with him still between your legs and scooted you up so your head would lay on the pillows. Thank god you had a big bed you thought. He reached up and turned your bedside lamp on then went down and slipped your shoes off. Neji stared into your eyes as he came back up kissed you and laid in between your open legs. In this position you felt his hard cock on your crotch through both of your clothing. "Oh Neji," you moaned and dragged your nails lightly down his muscular back as you rotated your hips. This got him even more fired up, he held himself up with his left arm and reached under your back to unhitch your bra. He unhooked it as he barely rubbed his area against yours. His hands went to the loosened straps and slowly slid the garment off all the while looking back and forth from your eyes to your well shaped breasts. Before going further he looked straight in your eyes with love in them. "Are you sure you want this Lanayru," he asked breathing sort of heavily. There was no doubt in your mind that you wanted this, especially with his very sexy half naked body in front of you. "Neji I've wanted this for awhile," you admitted while sitting your body up to kiss his lips, as you did you thought about all the times you thought about him like this.

Neji P.O.V
When she said that she missed you all you could do was think of how much you had missed her as well. Lanayru became your everything the day you went to pick up groceries with her. You could never count the endless hours you have thought about her since you met her. You lost control of your actions once you grabbed a hold of her. She smelt so good and her skin so soft it called to you pleading with you to touch and kiss it. Things had quickly escalated, so when she told you where her room was there was no point in hiding your eagerness as you carried her there. Once you had her on the bed your emotions ran ramped, you wanted to make Lanayru completely yours and with her gently moaning your name drove you crazy. You could feel your breath get heavy as you took off her bra which made your pants tighter because of your hardening member. 'She's perfect in every way,' you thought staring from her eyes to her chest and back again. You wanted to bite her semi hard pink nipples, though in the moment you forced yourself to stop because you loved her and wanted to make sure she was completely aware of your intentions. She told you she wanted to continue and has wanted to for awhile. You kissed her luscious lips back as she sat up pressed her naked chest against yours and wrapped her freckled arms around you. That was all you needed to hear and you grapped her hips with your rather large hands and pulled her body even closer to yours as she sat up on her knees with you. Her lips tasted so good and her lips were so soft you wanted every bit of her.

She pulled her face away from yours looked at you and grabbed your right hand. There was a sexy little grin that played on her lips as she took your hand up to her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip of your index finger. This made the air catch in your throat. After she did this you grabbed her hips and pushed her back down onto the bed and grunted. You wanted her and wanted her now.

Lanayru's P.O.V
Your belly twisted in excitement as he pushed you down on the bed and laid between your legs. Both of you were breathing harder then before and you two were also giving off light sounds similar to moans and grunts. You watched him lower his mouth to your right nipple and flick the aroused nub. "uhhooh," you bit your lip and arched your back. Neji's right hand firmly ran from your hip up to your left breast. He began to caress it and pinch your nipple while swirling his tongue around the other. The lower part of your abdomen was on fire and you wanted more. You reached to take off his head band as he came back up to kiss you, but he gently stopped your hands. "I want to see all of you," you said. He hesitated. "I know," you revealed. 'Dad tells me everything,' you thought. He dropped his arms and hovered over you. While you took off his headband he started to hump you harder but quickly got tired of this and started to kiss down your toned stomach. When he got to your pants he looked up at you past your tits with a mischievous grin that you've never seen him wear. This made you even more wet than you already were but nervous as well. You ran your hands through his hair until a single finger caught in his hair wrap you flung it across the room. He undid your pants and pulled them down leaving you only in your panties. They matched your bra and they were booty shorts (you hated thongs). Neji scoured every inch of your body, memorizing every beautiful curve. "Like I said before your perfect Lanayru," Neji told you as he looked into your eyes. Your cheeks were flushed and red. He attacked your lips once again pulling you hard against him, your nipples pressed against his marble hard chest and his soft hair fell around you tickling your skin. You danced your fingers down his gorgeous body to his outer armor (the skirt thing he wears) and reached for it's clip to rip it off. He began to nip your throat as he grabbed you ass firmly and cupped your breast making you let out a pleasurable sigh. Neji then sat up on his knees reached for his belt and took it off with his intense eyes focused on your face.

"That look suits you," he mused with a smirk. You imagined the lustful dazed look that could be playing on your face. Neji slid his pants off in a blink of an eye showing more of his form then he widened your thighs and massaged them gently up to your entrance. With two fingers he rubbed your clit through your panties and collided his lips with yours. It felt so good you didn't know what to do though you gripped onto his back rotated your hips and your breath quickened. "Your wet Lananyru," he whispered huskily. His fingers slipped through the side of the thin fabric dipped the tips of his fingers in your entrance and rubbed the fluid on your clit "Moan for me," he urged. You released a suppressed moan "ooooh Nneji," it was louder than you intended though. A smirk widened on his face as he growled satisfied with your reaction. He immediately stopped though. "Why d-," he cut you off by placing his face next to your heated core. "Stop teasing," you pleaded as Neji kissed and licked your inner thighs. So he hooked his fingers around the hem of your panties and slid them off, and rather quickly. His hot breath on you pussy made you shiver. You grasped the covers with one hand and cupped your breast with the other in anticipation. His tongue lashed out over your already soaked clit. You moaned while your breath quickened as he slipped a finger inside of you. The fire grew inside of you stomach as his tongue furiously attacked you. He stuck another finger and quickened their pace while they swirled around.

You met his fingers with your hips wanting more. "Ooh N-neji p-please don't stop!" you begged he happily obliged and repeated the swirling motion but with greater force. At this point your legs were shaking and you felt like you were going to burst the sensation was too great. "oh aahh unhh," you moaned louder as a new wave of pleasure crashed over you. "I I'm Nnnnejjjiii!" you screamed as all the tension released from inside your belly and you came all over his fingers. "Mm you taste good," he said after he licked the juices off his fingers. He came up to kiss you and laid between your legs. His clothed dick rubbed against your entrance giving you an idea so you flipped him over so you were on top. "Now let's see who likes to be teased," you grinned rocking your hips back and forth. "Are you referring to me," Neji replied as he grabbed your hips and forced you down on his groin. You licked down his chest and just stopping at the belly button you quickly dipped your tongue in and out a few times. Traveling down further with your mouth you reached the top of his briefs. His rather large cock was clearly visible through the tight material. He watched you with amused curiosity as you took the last remaining garment and put one hand behind his head and twirled a long strand of your hair.

Though you have never seen a grown man naked before you couldn't imagine how the hell he was going to fit inside you. Gulping you took hold of it with your right hand and began to rub the shaft up and down. "huph," Neji sighed and started to breath real heavy as he watched you experiment touching his dick. You wanted more out of him so you leaned down looked at him and kissed the tip. Still playing with his shaft you stuck the tip in your mouth and swirled your tongue around and around. Before too long you had more than half of him inside your mouth. "Lanayru harder," he pleaded and ran his hand through you hair then grabbed it at the back of your skull. You deep throated him as much as you could and sucked harder while swirling your tongue over every inch you could. Another idea popped into your head, acting on it you took his balls in hand and massaged them. "ohhh uhhhh," he moaned nearing his peak. His hips bucked erratically make him slam into the back of your throat which made you gag here and there. You felt his cock start to swell and he gripped your hair tighter with both hands this time and shoved your head down. You braced yourself and sucked harder while he held your head down. "Llaanayyru," he grunted as he exploded in your mouth. His grip on your hair loosened as you swallowed. You took him out of your mouth and licked the cum off making him stiff again. Coming back up to his face you kissed him and hovered your pussy above his cock. Lust took over you as you grabbed his hardening member and rubbed the tip across your wet opening. "Uhhhh mmmmmnnnnn aaah," you moaned.

His dick almost immediately regained stamina and again was rock hard. "I want you now!" he snarled and flipped you over on your back. Neji spread your legs open with his knees and positioned himself. But before proceeding he looked at you for approval. "It will hurt," he apologized sincerely. "I know," you nodded giving consent. With that he crashed his lips against yours before he slowly entered your innocence. The pain was so intense you let out a painful gasp despite his lips. Tears rolled down your cheeks as he forced himself all the way inside filling you completely. "Don't cry, the pain will go away I promise," Neji cooed with a pained grunt. Entering you was painful for him as well because of your tightly constricted walls. Having him pull out was even more painful. It felt like he was dragging you out with him. You dug into his back and drew blood. He slowly slid back inside of you and winced a little. "Look at me," he requested and kissed your tears away. You looked into his eyes loosened your grip and tried to relax as he continued to slowly pump in and out of you. The pain subsided faster then you expecting and was replaced with increasing pleasure. Your breath got shallow and quicker. "oooo uhhh," you moaned. He was still going at a painfully slow pace and the knot forming in your stomach was suffocating. "Tell me what you want," he whispered seductively slowing his pace even more and making you suffer. "Please faster," you pleaded.

He started to pump faster and faster. Again your belly button was on fire and you wanted more. "Ohhhhh ah ah uhhh," you moaned louder and wrapped your legs around his waist. "Y-your so damn t tight Lanayru," he moaned thrusting into you harder. His breath was ragged and shallow. "P-please faster, harder!" you cried out then bit his shoulder muscle fiercely. He grunted and grabbed your hips and started to slam into you while rotating his hips to find that spot. You tried to meet him hard by bucking your hips with the insanely fast rhythm. The bed was creaking loudly and hitting the wall. Loud moans and cries filled the room along with the heavy slap of skin. His long hair clung to his face and chest from the sweat as was your hair especially your bangs. "Oooooh ah ah ahhhh right there, hit there again!" you demanded. Neji did and gripped your hips hard, it made you wince but turned you on even more. His thrusts were inhumanely fast and hard as he pounded your spot over and over. You could feel your knees start to buckle as the knot your stomach tightened unmercifully bringing you to the edge. "Say my name!" he growled. You were unable to respond as you moaned loudly. "say it," he repeated. "Nnnneejjiii, oh oh don't stop, please don't stop!" you screamed hitting your peak. Neji felt your wet walls tighten harshly around him bringing him to his limit as well. "Ahhhh Lanayru," he sighed. Your legs shook as you came and screamed his name. Neji moaned and released into you as your juices surrounded his cock. His rhythm slowed but he made you guys ride the extasy longer then slid out of you. He leaned down and kissed you plunging his tongue past your teeth.

Flipping him around surprised him. You grinned evilly and grabbed his semi hardened dick and slowly glided down onto it. "oh Lanayru," he sighed in pleasure as he held your hip ith one hand and caressed a breast with the other. You grabbed both of his shoulders and started to move up and down on him. Your hips vibrated every time you rocked back and forth. His cock didn't take long to grow to full size again while inside of you. The moans started again escaping both of your throats. Neji pulled you off of him and told you to get on your hands and knees. You quickly did what you were told as he sat up and out of the way. He got behind you reached forward and grabbed your tit. His hands ran along your sides and stomach till he gripped your hips then he slammed his dick inside of you from behind. This made you gasp sharply and grab at the sheets. "ah ah uunnhhh Neji!" you screamed as he pounded you relentlessly. He moaned and grunted then slapped your ass hard leaving a red hand print. This turned you on immensely and brought you to the peak once again. Neji was close and felt your walls tighten so he reached his hand around and started rubbing your clit. "Oh yes! Neji don't s-stop I'm," you screamed releasing more fluid. You felt him slam in as far as he could before he before he exploded deep in you. He thrust a few more times before pulling out of you. The both of you collapsed together panting on the bed. He lifted the covers for you to get in and climbed under them himself after you. After you both got situated he wrapped his arms around you and drug you close to him. "I love you Lanayru," he whispered sweetly kissing the back of your neck. "I love you to Neji," you replied drowsily. Then you both drifted into peaceful slumber.

Done yay! Thanks for being patient!

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