Monday, April 16, 2012

Sesshomaru Lemon

Reader Prompt:
So I was going to do another Neji lemon but I realized I need to put up more variety. Sesshomaru is one sexy demon so this one should be good but it might be pretty long. Sorry if that bugs anyone, nothing wrong with anticipating a lemon scene. Oh a reminder! My disclaimer is on my profile...but just to go through and mention it again I do not own or create any of the characters of any anime, book, movie, or story that are mentioned or represented in my blogs. Alright on with the complicated story. This ones going to be a long one but it's a good one so enjoy.

Your character in the story line:
Name: Ryoko
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Type of demon: ? You'll find out soon. I said it was complicated at the beginning of the story your just a normal human being.
Looks: You have long brown hair to the dip in your back and bright emerald eyes. Make up the body on your own! But these features that I've mentioned will change in the beginning of the story.

Prologue: Okay so your a solo adventurer/amature photographer and have been traveling the world on your own mostly by foot since the age of 18. Your father and only family you've ever known died when you were 17 and left you a large fortune. Having no family you decided to venture off like you always wanted to. Your latest expedition is in Japan and as soon as you got off the airplane you started walking with all your supplies.

Your POV
Ring, ring, ring. The motel telephone woke you up out of a dead sleep. To silence it your arm reached and fumbled for the receiver. "Hello," your voice grogged with sleep. 'Who the hell could be calling,' was the first agitated thought of the morning. "Good morning this is your wake up call you requested, it's 9:00," the apparently Japanese male said in an apologetic tone. "Oh, oh I forgot thank you, have a good morning," the tone in your voice lightened as not to offend the man. The receiver made a click as you hung it up. Yawning and stretching woke you up some more. You threw the covers off and sat up allowing your legs to hang off the bed touching the ground. It took three strides for you to reach the curtained window. 'Dumb wooden shutters.' "Fuck!" you huffed as the shutters came flying open and pinched your middle finger. The throbbing finger went straight to your tongue for comfort as your eyes scanned the dense green scenery. Outside was sunny but a little cloudy. 'Good thing I bought two weeks worth of food yesterday when I got to this tiny town,' you thought. 'if you can even call it a town, I don't know how long it will take me to reach the next town where I can get supplies maybe 100 miles.' you remembered from studying your map last night. Not to long after gazing outside you went to take your shower and get ready to travel on the road again.

Check out was 11:00 but you were done by 10:30. "Thank you for the room," you politely handed the front desk clerk the key of the room. "Where traveling?" the little Asian lady said tilting her body to look at your huge hiking pack on your back that was also poking about a foot above your head. "Everywhere and anywhere," you smiled assuming the little woman knew a small amount of English. "Big bag for lady," she said apparently wondering how far you would get with huge luggage like that. "Yea it's not so heavy," 'Anymore,' the mental note added itself. "Well have a good year," you walked out of the small office and into the sunny day.

The farmer that sold you food products and "good" water waved to you as you passed him on the dirt path that was a makeshift road. The little town reminded you of an old western movie except the people were Asian, the little shops and houses that lined the street on either side had distinct cultural differences. "More like the old east," you chuckled at your own joke while admiring the rice fields that extended on past the town. Studying the map you bought upon arriving in Japan two weeks earlier you knew you had to go west through a dense forest to reach the next town. So you continued past the town and across the country fields.

The dirt road finally vanished as you kept walking. All that was visible were green hills after green hills. A forest stretched in the horizon and it seemed to go one forever as you looked in the distance. Your late fathers compass you carried led you straight to the edge  of the trees. "Here looks like a good place to eat," you said to yourself and set the humongous hiker pack down after safely pocketing the compass.

Unstrapping the sleeping bag held atop took only seconds. Opening the clasps on the hiker pack revealed bags of what you assumed was homemade bread, assorted fruits and vegetables, some you had no names for, and three bags of dried meat. You grabbed one bag that held a loaf and a weird shaped fruit or vegetable, you had no idea which one. Before sitting down you took a pocket knife out of the rear of your pants. The bread was soft as you broke piece after piece off and ate it. "Not the best bread I've ever had but decent," you had a bad habit of talking to yourself. So are the woes of traveling alone. You wrapped the bread up and opened your pocket knife getting ready for the main course of lunch. The fruit or vegetable gave in quickly to the sharp blade when you cut it in half. Now you could see that when cut, it resembled a star shape. You bit into it cautiously. "Oh definitely a fruit." The fruit tasted sweet like a pineapple but had the texture of an apple. It was devoured quickly.

You threw the core to the ground and placed the bread in the back pack and re-clasped the red sleeping bag on. whistling to yourself you took a hair tie from your wrist and tied your hair atop you head in a bun, knowing that long hair would be a nuisance in a forest this dense. Deciding to also get your bangs out of the way, you took a black band out of the side pocket on your pants and put it around your head. Unzipping the large outside pocket of your pack revealed a camera with a large strap which you draped over you neck. You hoisted the small "house" onto your back then waded into the trees.

The first ten miles were not difficult but the sun started to wane. You had snapped many pictures along the way but you decided you should start looking for a place that would be clear and level enough to set up your one man tent. Shortly after searching for a place you came upon a huge lake of tiger lily bushes. "Oh my god they're so tall!" Walking threw the first layer of bushes you noticed the little maze the rows created. Wading through the maze you realized you were getting no where and walking over your tracks. Getting a little anxious you walked through the bushes instead.

Taking the compass out to know which direction you were going the compass needle spun like crazy in response. "What the hell!" This worried you and your slow pace turned into a jog through the jungle of flowers. Suddenly you fell over some roots and through the brush. "Ow!" The pack smooshed you as you fell to the ground. You stood up and checked your camera while you brushed yourself off. "Ah damn," you grunted seeing that the lens cap had broke. "Wha-what is that?!" you asked yourself astonished at the sight. Some how you had fallen into an open circle of grass surrounded by lilies. In the middle of the small clearing stood a stone structure. It had two pillars that were at least 8 feet tall and set maybe three feet apart with another large pillar placed on top of the two. It almost reminded you of stonehenge maybe you discovered a new natural phenomena.  You snapped pictures from all angels. Then you walked over to investigate the finely chiseled structure. "I wonder who made this?" you said placing a hand on one of the pillars. You went under the structure slightly worried that it might not be sturdy. "Ahhh!" you grunted loudly as a strong painful surge scoured through your veins. You head was on cold fire and all vision went black. 'Did I touch something poisonous?' was the last thought you had before hitting the ground and passing out.

"Ugh," you sighed when your eyes fluttered open. You slipped your arms out of the straps of the back pack and crawled out from underneath it. Dizzy and a little sore from the fall you took in the surrounding area which took the air from your lungs like someone had punched you square in the chest. "Did someone move me?!" your voice was alarmed as you frantically searched the area for anyone and especially anyone threatening. No one was in sight.  Where the stone structure should have stood now sat a boulder there were no lilies as well. Instead of being surrounded by flowers and trees you were now standing in a clearing next to the boulder. This clearing was bordered with smaller trees than before. The sun was sinking very low rapidly you knew you would have to set up camp here. "What the hell," you stamped over to your supplies. 'I'm just glad that I must have not touched any poison, but why did I pass out?' you wondered as you rummaged through the bag for some toilet paper. You had to pee like a pregnant Russian race horse.

You found a roll and walked away from you stuff to pee. The release of the long held fluid felt good. "Must have been out for a few." "Dammit." The toilet paper had been dyed crimson after wiping. you pulled up your pants not bothering to zip them up and walked over to the pack again to grab a tampon. After proper placement you zipped and buttoned you pants then put the toilet paper back in it's home. "Well better get some firewood," you sighed examining the pink sky.

Sesshomaru's P.O.V.
"Jaken! Take Rin back inside." He looked at you with idiocy slabbed over his face. "Yes, me Lord," he stuttered noticing that you were deadly serious. "Come Rin," Jaken urged her back towards your castle. "Alright, come on Ah-Un," she said following Jaken. You bounded towards the sent that alerted you moments earlier. "Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin yelled. "Lord Sesshomaru where are you going?!" Jaken yelled, now in the distance. Ignoring them you proceeded to disappear from sight.

'How is it possible?' You thought following the most delicious scent. The last time you smelt this particular scent was over three hundred years ago. 'That pheromone is at no doubt hers.' Another thought passed by you inducing anger. 'Other demons will soon be trespassing, such a heat is irresistible.' With this you quickened the pace considerably.

Your P.O.V.
It took you a very short time to collect fire wood. At the moment you were assembling the twigs and thick branches into tepee formation. Loud rustling noises came from the direction behind the boulder. It was really loud for that far away.  The loud noise was unreal it made your heart kick start and thump out of control. 'What could make that kind of noise, a bear?' 'Are there any wild bears in Japan besides panda bears?' you thought as you rounded the boulder for a peek. "!" your breath came out in a shaky whisper. There emerging out of the trees came the scariest creature you had ever seen. Without a second thought you ducked back behind the cold obstacle that kept you concealed. You grabbed your camera and peeked back around. It was so big. Zooming in with the lens made you realize that it was no animal. This thing was a monster of some sort. The skin of it was a toxic purple color. This thing had claws, the eyes had a green sheen to them. Incisors and canine teeth permanently protruded from it's mouth, the legs were built like a dogs hind legs but it was apparently bipedal in motion. The monster whipped it's head back and forth as if it was looking for something and when it sniffed the air you could hear the air intake.

You snapped a picture and immediately regretted owning a camera with shutter sound. The purple monster snapped it's head around in your direction and caught sight of you before you could completely hide. "There you are," the creatures deep and gruesome voice boomed easily echoing across the field. Panic and adrenaline became one in your system. You heard it running at incredible speed. Flight reaction took over and you bolted for it. "Ha ha ha you can't out run me in that form," it chortled from close behind you. "Transform, or I'll rip that body apart by ravaging you!" it was even closer. 'It plans to rape me!!!' you screamed inside you head now pushing your legs beyond their limit. About 20 yards away from the tree border a figure jumped out. This stopped you in your tracks which gave the creature just enough time to reach you. The monster was so large in stature. One of your arms covered you face and the other held it's self up, palm facing the creature as if to halt it. Light flashed in front of you tightly shut eyelids. For a split second you thought you were seeing the white light they say you see before dying but an agonized howling cut the scene short. You opened you eyes just in time to see chunks of molten flesh fall to the ground and smolder. Blood had splattered across your pants. Before you even knew what happened a figure appeared in front of you. He was tall but not a monster by any means but considering your state he was frightening and you took a step back getting ready to run again. But your body had other plans, everything went blurry. You stumbled towards the figure that was now dark and passed out mid-fall.

Sesshomaru's P.O.V.
There she was. Running away from a pursuing demon. 'Why? She should just dispose of the foul thing.' She was running in your direction. She skidded to a stop as soon as she saw you apparently afraid. The demon reached out for her when she spun around to face him. You watched her release a small amount of energy and slaughter him where he stood. As soon as flesh dropped to the ground you leaped to face her. There was no difference in her appearance since last time you laid eyes on her. Her hair was the same beautiful crimson red. Her skin a perfect porcelain with a hint of golden sun. Lips just as red as her soft locks and her eyes still that deep caramel color. Fear was visible in the reflection of the eyes you had thought you would never see again. Without warning her eyes rolled back and she fainted. You caught her before she could hit the ground. The air wafted up from her body when she fell seducing your sense of smell with her powerful heat. Not one  other woman had ever smelt this strong or delicious. You knew you had to get her away from here, many more demons would come in search for her. You heaved her tiny body easily over your shoulder and gathered her belongings. 'She might find comfort in her materials when she wakes up.' you thought. With everything in tow you bound back into the forest towards your castle.

"Remember my son the woman I am about to introduce you to is very ancient, she is older and more powerful than I by ten fold," your father spoke as he led you to a large boulder in the center of a field. "Though she is caged?" you doubted his statement. "Yes, she was caged centuries ago and has continuously had the life drained of her ever since," he replied. "How was she caged if she's the life creator's daughter as you say she is?" you wondered skeptically. "The creator had more than one child my son, though throughout all of them she was the most powerful and beautiful." "The other siblings resented her knowing the creator favored her for her kind heart." "So when the time arose after the creator had left the world they knew she would be vulnerable with grief." He grabbed the boulder and moved it to the side revealing a hidden underground passage way. He began to walk into the dark cave prompting you to follow. "Her siblings being too weak to slay her, even banned together, caged her with their powers, but not before cursing her life force to be devoured so as to sustain the prison." His voice held sorrow as he explained. "Her siblings are long since expired from scwabbling amongst one another for control of the world, and she herself is not far from death." The two of you walked the pitch black tunnel in silence for a long period of time.

"I knew you would sense my withering spirit Ino no Taisho." A musical voice echoed through the smll tunnel just as a glow had come in to view refracting off the damp rock walls. "I would not miss your last moments for even the safety of the mundane world." you father replied back with much sadness. "Ah I see... you have someone along, who have you brought?" the woman's voice was kind and alluring. The glow of light was bright now and the source of it was revealed as the two of you rounded a bend. "I have brought my son, Sesshomaru," he replied back his tone holding something unfamiliar, love? Just then the cave opened up to a wide room and a female figure glowed with light in the center. She put even the word beauty to shame. Her hair crimson, her eyes deep caramel, and the most musical voice rang across the room with a soft giggle. She was naked but made no move to hide herself. "I see, he is just as handsome as you, my dear friend," she pronounced looking at you and then to your father. "Your father speaks a great deal of you child," her focus was on you as your father walked closer to her but planted himself two yards away. Following his lead you went to stand by him but took a step closer than he did. Concern crossed her face. "Do not come any closer!" She warned. "Yes, there is a reason why I do not embrace her," you father stated to you, eyes never leaving the goddess that stood in front of you. "You too will have your life stolen if you are to be any closer," he said, sadness again touching his tone. before you could speak her voice rang out. "I am glad you have come. I was wondering if I would get the chance to see you again before my limit arrived," she looked at your father lovingly. "Yes I came to see you in your final hours, and I know we do not have much time together," he returned her gaze with much intensity. "It is my honor to comfort you in your passing hours." "I am very grateful for that and the company you have provided for so many years." She replied strongly.

The two of you stayed down in the damp cave for two months witnessing the last moments of her life. In that short time you fell in love with the goddess as you assumed your father had hundreds of years prior. That is why your castle resides not far from her resting place. So how was she alive now and in your arms?
End of flash back

You enter the large opening corridor of your castle with your "luggage." "Jaken!" you called. He came running from the dinning hall with Rin not far behind. "Lord Sesshomaru! I'm so glad you've returned so...uh," Jaken stopped as he assessed your luggage. "Lord Sesshomaru who is that!?" Rin asked eagerly. "Jaken fetch three servants and have them take care of this woman immediately," you commanded laying her carefully on the stone floor. "But lord Sesshomaru..." You were gone before he could finish his sentence. You ran for the forest. You had to get away, her heat was too strong to resist. All  you needed was a day to calm the urge you'd be back by morning to see if she'd awakened.

Your P.O.V.
Sun was bright on your face as you started to wake up not moments after consciousness came to you, your eyes shot open and you flung the top half of your body into sitting position. The scenery from the last time you were conscious had changed drastically. You were sitting in a bed covered up to your waist with a thick black cotton blanket. The room around you was perfectly carved of gray stone. There was a window next to the bed, strong sunlight shone in. "Jaken she's awake!" a young female voice exclaimed to the right side of the bed. Your attention snapped towards her. 'Am I dead?' you wondered relieved you weren't facing a monster anymore. 'Was it all a dream?' "Where am I?" you asked searching the room for any monsters. "Rin stop yelling!" a little green figure opened the huge wooden door that apparently was the entrance. He came scurrying towards the both of you. "Ahh!" you shrieked and jumped in front of the little girl protectively. "What are you doing woman?" the little green thing addressed you. "Stay back," you warned raising a bare foot to get ready to stomp on the ugly little guy. "What?" he asked and took a step forward. That was it you lost it and started to kick him in the face. "Stop, stop it's okay." The little girl was laughing behind you. The green creature was also commanding you to stop.

The wooden door swung open with force. In the doorway stood a tall man with long silver-blue hair. At the very least he was gorgeous, he had golden eyes and double maroon streaks marked both his cheeks with a dark purple crescent present on his forehead. You stopped stomping the little green toad thing and your jaw dropped as you took in the handsome man. The green guy got up and dusted himself off "why you," he started. "Jaken! Take Rin to the dinning area get her and our guest something to eat, we will be down momentarily." The mans voice was stern. the girl and the toad thing slinked passed him and out of the room reluctantly looking between you and the oddly dressed man. His gold icy stare never left you. Looking back to him after the two left, your heart thudded loudly as you searched for some way to escape if anything fishy was up.

He continued to stare at you. Minutes passed without a word. "Where am I? Who are you?" you got up the courage to ask. Ignoring the question he strode elegantly towards you. That's when you noticed a sword secured to his waist and that thought made you want to panic, he also wore armor, and this big thing of fluff draped over his shoulder. "You are not who I expected you to look like her, smell like her, her powers are yours, you are her identical copy," he seemed to be speaking to himself. You were dumbfounded, what the hell was this guy talking about. "Excuse me?" you asked, then realization hit you as you remembered the monster who pursued you in the meadow. "Oh my God! Your the man who saved me from that beast!" "You have me mistaken," he interrupted, "you destroyed the demon yourself I only carried you here after you fainted."  "But..but, how?" you looked down at your now trembling hands, you had a bad filling in the pit of your stomach. Dark red hair draped off your chest caught your eye. "AHH!" you jumped forward and connected with the man in front of you. It hurt to, it was like he was built of brick he didn't move an inch. You spun around expecting someone with long red hair to be standing there, and that they had it hanging down on you a moment ago. But no one stood there. You looked down and grabbed at the silky strands realizing that it was your own hair that you had grabbed and it was quite longer as well. "What happened to my hair?!" you asked on the verge of freaking out. "What did you do to me?" your frantic hands  combed through it touching your scalp trying to disprove that it was yours.

His face was confused as if he had no idea what you were talking about. "Was it this color when you found me!" you half shrieked searching your brain for answers. "Yes," he replied calmly. "Where's my stuff?" He pointed to your pack and camera that were laying on the floor in a corner. You hopped over the big plush bed and sprinted towards the familiar sight, you landed hard on your knees. He watched you as you ripped things out of your pack scattering stuff all around. Finding the thing you were looking for you stood up and held it in front of your face. "Huuuh!" you gasped at the face that stared back from the mirror. This stranger had long beautiful hair, different colored eyes, and your face. You slumped to the floor, mirror still in hand, mind racing a million miles per minute. Images flashed through your brain like the stone structure and the "demon" that chased you. Tears came streaming down your flushed cheeks and you stared out the window as a theory of why these strange things were happening burned its self into your brain. 'That stupid portal must have brought me to a different world or something.' 'That boulder was what that thing was made out of.' "I'm never getting back," sobs built up in your throat as the finality of this set in. Remembering you weren't alone you wiped your tears away and swallowed the remaining sobs.

"I apologize, no one should see this," you started to pack up the various scattered items. He let you pull yourself together before he said anything. "this will be your room as long as you wish to stay here, seeing that you have come to terms with your situation, " he said in a low voice. "But I advise that leaving would not be wise while you are in heat," he added. "Wha.." you stopped mid question realizing what he meant, your tampon must need a change by now. "thank you..." was all that you were able to manage as he stared at you. A light knock startled you. The little girl from before peeked her head in. "Um foods ready um..." she looked right at you. "Ryoko..." you answered her giving your name looking down and twiddling your fingers clearly in a daze. "Ryoko!" She exclaimed as she came running into the room and grabbed your hand and dragged you out the door.

After eating some weird fish you were sitting outside with Rin and Jaken who creeped you out. "What's wrong?" the girl Rin asked leaning down to put her face in yours. You sat on the ground ripping out blades of grass one by one from the tender soil. You shook your head  and smiled politely. She looked maybe twelve years old, no need to burden her with your insane problem of being in an entirely different world than your own with a face that was foreign  "Is there a place that I may bathe?" you asked changing the subject wanting to be alone but also suddenly feeling very dirty and remembering the soaking tampon. "Yea," she grabbed your hand and led you back into the large castle. She kept leading you through twists and turns. "Wait, wait I need to grab my things!' you said halting her. She led you back to your room to get your things then took you to what you assumed was the back part of the castle. She opened a huge wooden door with an iron ring handle. "It's beautiful," you breath come out. Outside there was a good sized hot spring with granite rocks, but the garden that frenzied around it really caught your eye. It was truly a sight to see. Rin ran towards the steamy pool of mineral water stripping down as she ran. Taking a bath with her wasn't exactly alone time, but you stripped down as well looking around first to see if anyone was watching you took the tampon out while Rin had her attention elsewhere threw it over in some bushes. Then gathered up your soap, shampoo and conditioner.

"What's that!" Rin awed at the soap you were lathering yourself with. "Uh...soap. Here, turn around," you took the shampoo and started to lather her hair with it. "After I'm done rinse it out okay," you told her. "Okay," she sat there for a second letting you do this. "Ryoko?" she asked her voice timid. "Yea?" "Your different from most women that come here to be servants," she paused. "I'm glad! they usually don't even talk to me," she paused again but whirled around quickly. "Will you stay here forever with me, Lord Sesshomaru, and Jaken?" she looked like she was about to cry. "Uh well I have no where else to go," you said not exactly promising. "Yay," she hugged your naked body. You patted her head and told her to rinse the shampoo out.

Two months had passed since you entered this strange world. Rin had become your young companion but despite the camaraderie you missed the wide open spaces. You missed all the conveniences of your old life from utensils to the average computer. You found out that somehow you'd become a demon through the bartering of worlds against your will. You also learned that you lived under "the most powerful demon's" roof as Jaken and Rin painted him. Though having inhuman strength and powers gave you no pleasure since you didn't know how to use them without going over board and the fact that you were a prisoner to your own safety. Since being in this world you spent most of your time with a twelve year old in a castle. The suffocation of being locked in around this place made you claustrophobic to the point that you didn't care about your own safety, whether a demon from the outside tried to kill you or not. You needed to see if you could make it back to your own world and you would make the trip tonight.

All was silent as you laid in the bed you were given. The only thing you were really worried about was Rin. You remembered that you told her you would stay forever. The guilt stabbed at you but the desire to roam constricted your air flow even more. Flying out of bed fully dressed you flitted down the long stone corridors to the fresh air outside. You started running at amazing speed in a direction but didn't get very far. A dark figure stepped out of the trees and into the moonlight which halted your feet and jump started your heart. The tall figure walked slowly towards you until it came into view. "don't ever do that again," you hissed holding your heart heaving but relieved. "I told you that if it was your wish to leave that you may, you did not have to sneak away," Sesshomaru was about a yard away. His voice slightly accusing. "I...I apologize I didn't want to see Rin hurt," your guilt bubbled over, you had become fond of the little girl. "More so if you don't say goodbye," he looked away from your ashamed face. You rarely spoke with Sesshomaru or saw him for that matter so whenever you did his presence was intimidating, but now your words came out like vomit.

"Well I can't take it!" you yelled. "It's suffocating being stuck here by fear, it feels like I'm caged!" Why were you spilling your guts to him the only interest he ever showed was in keeping you alive. Suddenly he picked you up and bounded off into the wilderness. At first you thought he was taking you back because he changed the direction that you were originally headed. 'Where is he taking me?' you thought but to intimidated from his clutch to ask. His destination was reached in a short amount of time. He stopped and set you down. Letting your eyes adjust to the moon lit clearing you recognized the area. It was the meadow you had woken up in two months earlier. You glanced back. "You would not have found it on your own," he replied. He was right you really hadn't thought about that part. You ran over to the huge boulder and touched it hoping something would happen...of course nothing did. You felt stupid and childish for thinking that coming here would help you get back. Slowly you walked away from the over sized rock and faced the moon like you were sun bathing. With your back to Sesshomaru you slumped to the ground and sobbed. " could I be so...stupid," you punched the ground leaving a crater of rubble. The hard rock that had been once protected by a few inches of soft earth was now dust. Just a few minutes passed before you composed yourself stood up and walked over to the one man audience not one tear left just a hard face was displayed. "I'm ready to go back," you whispered walking up to him eyes to the ground. His long fingers grasped your chin lightly forcing you to look up at him. It was sort of awkward you never saw him touch anyone but you and this night it had happened twice and the only other time was when you were passed out.

"If you desire to travel then you are welcome to follow me when I do," he said his voice seemed to be on fire. "Thank you..." you replied softly. That option had never occurred to you, but if you could not get home it would have to suffice. With that he picked you up again and headed back to his territory.

The months passed without notice. You were happy again being able to travel by foot all around this new world, after all roaming was all you asked for out of life. It was a routine to you by now, two weeks following Sesshomaru around and two weeks spent around the castle. Sesshomaru didn't talk much on your trips and that was fine with you it was normal but when conversation did connect you two it was enjoyable. you were so glad that the trips seemed to spare you around menstrual time. It had become apparent to you that the both of you returned days before you started. And right now that fact was very apparent. Laying in bed you stared at the ceiling craving something to eat but not knowing what. you also had some bad cramps. No doubt you would start tomorrow or the day after.

You climbed out of bed being careful not to wake Rin. She had began to sleep in your bed because she missed you so much while you were gone. After putting your shoes on so the stone floors wouldn't chill your feet you headed down the winding hallways towards the food storage. A hall from the entrance and two away from the food storage someone rounded the corner. You went to scream from being startled but a strong hand covered your mouth and you were shoved against a wall. Sesshomaru had you tightly pinned against cold stone. He dropped his hand from your mouth but still held his body firmly to yours. "If you are still not satisfied I will not stop you this time," his breath was hot and sweet on your face. "....oh, oh no I was only hungry," you almost stuttered at the proximity. He was so close you could smell him, and the smell was more than pleasant.

His black shiny armor was pressed hard against your chest almost threatening to crush you. The few metallic spikes that wrapped around the top hovered next to your throat. Even though the weight on your rib-cage sort of hurt, the pressure and proximity of him sent a foreign pulse through your limbs. Never in your life had you had the urge to be intimate with someone. Yea lots of men had tried along your travels but the thought of sex never really held your interest. Right now the smell and power radiating off this man had your body aching. You wished he would crush himself into you even more. Not knowing how to respond to the electric current flowing through, your hips involuntarily bucked towards him and your throat let out a soft growl you never heard before. Shock crossed his face. You turned your head in embarrassment trying to hide your eyes under your fiery red bangs. A moment passed in dead silence but he still held firm to you. Peeking up you saw him grin. You never seen him smirk, his teeth were a brilliant white and his canines were fairly prominent. Your breathing become uneven. He inhaled through his nostrils. "I can smell your arousal," his face inched closer to your neck. This action made you stand perfectly still again not knowing how to react. "Sesshomaru," you whispered wide eyed and you realized your the only one who did not address him formally. His face rubbed against the crook of your neck, his lips never leaving your skin. "Oh," you were surprised by the intense shudder it gave you. Letting your eyes close you took a strand of his silky hair and twirled it with an index finger.

Sesshomaru pulled away all too soon. Your eyes reluctantly opened to search his face for any sign that this was not going further. Before you got a word out he took your face in both hands. His golden eyes looked between your two caramel ones searching for something. Finding what he wanted he closed the distance. His lips fit perfectly to yours as they locked together. Closing your eyes you wrapped your arms gently around his neck. You felt his strong hands grip underneath your thighs, he picked you up with your legs spread and forced your body even more into the hard wall. instinctively you wrapped your legs around his waist, feeling his sword's handle dig into your thigh. His fluff he always wore was soft as velvet and held down by your other leg. You gasped a little as he had picked you up, he slyly slipped his tongue into your mouth. His saliva tasted better than his scent. Being gentle at first his tongue rubbed yours lightly as yours traced around his slowly. The kiss quickly turned from sweet to urgent and his wet soft muscle coaxed yours to play rough. Wanting to feel more of his mouth, your tongue avoided his pin and plunged into his mouth instead of being cornered in your own. Completely lost in the moment you allowed your hands to roam his body. They searched for a way to feel skin, a way to take his blasted armor off. "Rrrrnnn," you growled when he pulled away and placed your feet back on the ground. "Not here," he said like he was reprimanding a child. He grasped your wrist tightly and started leading you down the dark halls. He was walking so fast you could barely keep up without jogging. It didn't take long to reach a long corridor. One lone door was the only occupant that resided at the end. A rough crimson colored carpet led the way.

By the time you two reached the large door that was noticeably the most beautiful in thee entire castle your heart thrumbed against your breast bone dramatically. Sesshomaru chuckled at your sudden tremulousness you assumed. He dropped your hand to open the door. The room was some how casted in light that equaled the mood. Two candles were stationed in holders attached to the wall on either side of a luxurious bed. It was plated in cocoabolo wood and covered by a soft looking gold colored blanket. Cut out windows neighbored  the candles allowing the moons illumination to flow through the room. A closet that was made from the same wood as the bed added to the room's decor by standing against the south wall. Completing the room was a dresser on the west wall. You peeked your head in timidly and marveled at his quarters, the only room you had not seen in the castle, while he held the door open for you. He snuck behind you without notice and swept your long hair over your shoulder which left the back of your neck exposed. His hot breath gave you goose bumps. Those soft lips grazed your skin and you shuddered. For some reason your skin screamed to have his fangs sink in to it.

"I wonder if the rest of you tastes as sweet as your lips," he whispered in a low gruff voice. The armor that protected his chest met your back and you clumsily picked up your feet as you were pushed into the room. The door shut with a loud creak as you stood in the middle of the room not courageous enough to face the man you were so willing to give yourself to. You heard your pulse pound so loudly that you knew he had to be hearing it too. 'Oh I'm sooo stupid just standing here like a deer caught in the headlights, okay...breath..try to be sexy,' you mentally bashed yourself while you tried to compose your face into a look of seduction and thought of a way to pose when you turned around that would appeal as alluring. Before you could show face the sound of metal dropping to the floor made you jump and lose the face you had carefully composed. Cloth hitting the floor had your palms sweating. You heard his bare feet pad across the floor when he walked towards you. Two muscular lanky arms wrapped around your petite waist. The bridge of his nose nestled against the side of your neck as he nuzzled his forehead on you. His bangs tickled your collar bone. You stroked his bare arms shakily. Shessomaru lifted his head from your neck and nudged you towards the end of the bed. Taking his arm from around you he smoothed his palm up your spine and into your hair. "huuuh!" you gasped sucking in lungs full of air the second he tugged your head back. First there was a bit of pain from the pull second was a twinge of fear, but thirdly extreme emotion and pleasure. A violent shudder shook you. He studied your face and neck when you slowly exhaled the balloon of oxygen you had quickly took in. The light out lined the contours of your neck. Your eyes strained to watch him. In fluid motion Sesshomaru reared his fangs and sank them deep into the thick of your trapezius muscle.

The sharp scream that flew out of your parted mouth echoed in the large room. Before you could react to his bite he took two fists full of your shirt and ripped it in half. As the shredded shirt fell to the floor he roughly cupped one of your now bear breasts and lapped at the area where his fangs drew blood. You slowly closed your eyes enjoying the sensation. A loud ripping sound made your eyes shoot open. The sound was a growl that you realized was resonating deep with in your own chest. Never in your life had you imagined you could make such a noise, it sounded more frightening than a rabid dog. You relaxed again and tried to bring the snarl down to a low rumble. Sesshomaru continued to run his hands over your naked top half. As one hand gently assaulted your right breast he lightly traced two fingers down the middle of your stomach but stopped short at the waist line of the thin cotton shorts you wore. Sesshomaru pushed you hard in the right shoulder making you twirl around and fall on your backside on the plush bed. Both of your forearms held you up with palms flat on the surface. He looked ferocious, his eyes were wide, and his smile was seductively evil. Keeping his eyes on your shocked face he reached down and pulled your shoes off one by one. Everything was very surreal for a moment. You could hear his breath and your own, uneven and heavy. Sesshomaru got on all fours onto the bed and climbed up to loom over you. The surge in the air around him was magnetizing. His silver-blue hair draped down onto your arms and chest. It was soft as silk and cool against your hot body. You snaked your arms around his back to draw him closer. He laid down on you placing his groin between your legs but shifted his weight on one arm, this left his right arm free to squeeze and rub your thigh.

Sesshomaru captured your lips roughly. His tongue prodded and danced with your palate. There seemed to be a pulley system in your stomach tightening your guts in a most pleasing way. When he pulled away from you he slid his tongue across your enamel and flicked it over one of your canines. This was torture you wanted more, letting primal instinct take over you bit his ear and tugged. "Rrrgg," he growled and bucked his pelvis into you. He reached between your bodies and started to rub you through your shorts that were already soaked. "Mmmpphh," you moaned and before you could enjoy anymore of his tease he ripped up the remainder of your clothing with only his fingernails. He took the shreds and threw them somewhere unimportant. A hard and very warm object grazed against your wet folds made all your confidence vanish. Instantly timidness washed over and every muscle in your body tensed. Sesshomaru completely lost in the moment kissed down your soft neck down to your plump mounds. Glancing down you watched him expeditiously take your left nipple that was already erect in between his divinely shaped lips. The skin became taught when he pulled on it. He replaced his flesh colored lips with teeth. The glitter of Sesshomaru's saliva caught your eye as he swoop around the nub with the tip of his tounge. Two strong hands grabbed your hips tightly and ran up your body  surverying every curve and dip. The pain from your already swollen breasts made the abuse they were recieving  that more enjoyable. Your lids slowly shut when he started to kiss the valley in your chest. His claws grazed your pink tinted cheeks and he craddled the side of your face.

A hard purchase of your bottom lip sent a shock through your system making your eyes fly open. "UUAahh!" your yelp was loud and sexual.  Moisture gathered in both cornors of eyes and your heat simultaneously. He held position for a moment with his eyes closed for a moment before sitting back on his knees to take in the image of the sweetly distressed goddess in front of him. With body sprawled, one hand by your head one by your side, one knee cock-eyed with the other propped directly up you watched him. All your senses became extremely clear but blurred together like the colors of a rainbow. Warm blood dewed up into three little beads on your now inflamed lip. With your full attention as he wanted, he crawled back over you. The crinkling of the bed spread was loud. "Hmphhmhmph," he chuckled. Chill formed in the sensors in the back of your neck as you realized that this had to be very dangerous, having sex with a powerful demon also that this whole process might not be so gentle. You wondered if you were sick because that impending danger excited you that the power of this being in itself made the walls of your vagina lubercate tremendously. Sesshomaru closed his eyes and licked blood off your lip. The rate of produced saliva increased as you tasted iron.

Without warning two long thick fingers were shoved in you. "Mmmphhhh," your surprise was muffled by Sesshomaru's tongue darting into your mouth. Excepting his rash movements you kissed back and dug your finger tips into his muscular back. Sesshomaru experimented along your walls searching for all the right buttons and intentionally avoided hooking his fingers on the back of the top wall just to tease you. He supported himself on his left arm and stopped kissing you to watch your face. Hard pants left your small mouth as he continued his torture. Lava smoldered in your pelvis and it sent electric pulses into your legs. Without noticing you started to move your hips to the rythme of his fingers. He noticed the pleasure that you were starting to recognize and smirked eagerly. When you heard the sound of your wetness you looked down to watch his work. His muscles were very defined especially at the moment. Self lubercant glistened off his fingers. "Look at me," Sesshomaru's  voice was stern and hypnotizing. With no hesitation you looked at him and in that intense he hooked  his finger tips around the back of the top wall. "HHuuuHH!" your breath hitched loudly and you moaned at how intense that single motion was.  Your skin started to coat itself with hormonal sweat. He continued his motion faster and faster which coaxed louder moans out of you. There were so many sounds in the room the stroking inside of you, the moans and whines you emitted, the rubbing of fabric, the flames on the large candles, and not to mention both of your breathing. Your dam was about to break at any moment but your pleasure was cut short. "Hhssshh!" to your surprise you hissed at him upset with him stopping. He only smiled as he look into your hungry eyes. Something was coming over you and you had no idea if that was good or bad but you liked it. All sensory seemed better somehow.

"Oh we are far from finished loved one," Sesshomaru promised and hovered between your legs with his hands placed by either side of your head. Instantly you knew things had become serious but virgin and all  lust had a grip of you but not to your knowledge your demon was showing. The way you would usually think was much different from at the moment. You were completely wrapped in exstacy. Mind, heart, and body working as one moved your body into position for him to take you giving him a silent permission. You grabbed his back tightly waiting desirably for impact. "NNNNnaaahhhh," you whimpered lustfully in pain tears welling up  as he slid in ripping your virgin walls apart with a low popping sound. The pain mixed with pleasure as he immediately started pumping in and out slowly. A noticeable amount of liquid was present so much that you could feel it dripping out of you, it was blood and you knew but didn't care the pain was just as great as the pleasure you were now receiving which was strange that you would enjoy the pain part as well. "Uugghh," he breathed harshly over you strain crossing his face he started to go faster. "naah uuuh ah," you moaned loudly wanting more. He stretched you with every pump though for you it was not enough. "Ha-harderrrr," you pleaded moving your hips with his, when he shoved in you bucked upward. " love, hhuh, if I do there's no going hhuugh back," Sesshomaru started to push a little harder going in deeper. What did he mean there was no going back? You thought you had already passed the part of no return. Not liking his reply something snapped almost as if you had hackles your red hair perked up slightly. Your blood started taking over. A low rumbling came from you. Unknowingly to you, your fangs started to portrued the color of your irises were now gold and the whites of your eyes purple.

Sitting up slightly you dug into his sholder hard enough to draw blood and dug your diamond like fingernails into his back drawing blood from the puncture wounds. "Ryokoh!" Seshomaru snarled lustfully. The air around him vibrated dangerously. His eyes turned red and blue wirh and his  canines grew in size. "Aaarrgh," he clutched onto your hips digging his nails into the sides of your as and in your stomach. Excitement surrounded your heart with a deep sinking feeling. Sesshomaru pulled you to his pelvis hard hitting your back wall and didn't stop pounding you furiously. All the sounds coming from both of you were a mix between moans and snarls. The bed was hitting the wall thudding continuously. You steadily climbed that peak, his sweat dripped every now and then while you were also getting very persperous. "oh nnaahh hsshh," you panted harder getting so close. He let go of one of your hips to run it up your body. He held the back of your neck tightly and stroked your cheek with his thumb. Both of you had kept eye contact this whole time. "Say my name," he commanded harshly and leaned to make a large purchase of skin above your left breast. "Aaauuaghhh," you cried out loving the abuse. "Sesshomaru!" you yelled obediently coming  all over his large cock. Your walls pulsed and clamped around him. His dick swelled inside of you stretching you further until finally exploding. His hot seed shot forcefully against your back wall making you shudder even more. Sesshomaru pumped a few more times before sliding out. Liquids were dripping out of you. Looking down you saw his still rock hard cock glistening with juices.

Sesshomaru looked at you and licked his teeth. He forced you up and onto your hands and knees. He didn't take a second before he entered you from behind sending you flying forward  Stopping he waited for you to scramble to regain yourself before he began fucking you again. Holding onto the bed sheets you got ready for him. But it did not help you would  go too far forward when he thrust in. "rrraagh," he got irritated pulled out of you and grabbed  your wrist pulling up and off the bed. He brought you to the wall by the bed. Kissing you roughly he wrapped his arms around you passionately. You melted into him emotions still running high and still in the state that followed them you pulled away from him and got into position. "Sesshomaru," whimpering you bent at the waist and placed both your hands palms down against the cold stone wall. He quickly spread your legs with his foot and slammed into you. "Nnnaaaa uh uh uh ah" you moaned bracing your self against the wall. Once again his nails were in your hips and it was blissful. The loud quick slap of skin was barely heard over both of your voices. Sesshomaru sunk his fangs into and started to rub your clit. The boiling bubble in your stomach was going to burst again. Gripping the wall you shuddered violently coming once again. Sesshomaru was few pumps away him self. His seed was more powerful this time making you cry out one final time. The wall supported you as you started to  weaken. Sesshomaru pulled out of you and picked you up to bring you over to the bed. After placing you down he crawled next  to you. With blurry vision he turned back to normal and you could see the sun starting to come up with the little light that shined through the windows. "Rest my mate," he whispered drawing you close. 'Mate?' you slightly pondered the thought before drifting into unconciousness.


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