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Sasuke lemon

Finally it's finished! Thanks for being patient!


Name: Urahara
Age: 23
Kekkei Genkai: Manipulation of chakra into any form.
Looks: Athletic form very muscular, black shoulder length hair, wide pink eyes with thick black lashes,  small mole right above your upper lip on left side, your lips are small and plump with a dimple in the middle of your bottom lip.

Background: You live alone in a small apartment in present day Japan, after finishing high school you moved far away from your family and never contacted them again. For the fact that your mother and brother were the only family you had ever known, though it would be blasphemy to even call them family. The mother figure you had was a drug addicted whore who beat you when you were a child and your brother was not the best sibling but that issue you blocked out forever. Kickboxing is your life and you also compete in matches for money. The fights don't always make the bills so you also bar tend part time. The only things you do for fun is exercise, you dance at clubs at least four nights a week. Dancing for you is a crutch it's how you make the whole world go away. Most of your time though you spend expanding your knowledge reading up on things like cold fusion, anatomy, alchemy, and astronomy anything really.  You have very few friends and they are not very close. The closest friend you have is you kickboxing coach. Sometimes you thought that you didn't belong in the world like a drifter just wasting life away, but always wanting to be more just to be nothing.

Readers: (On with the story for pete's sake you know how long we have been waiting!)
Author:  (Yeh I know four month's! and okay we will start the fucking story!)

Story Starts:

Regular P.O.V.
'I can not believe I let Totosei and his wife talk me into this. I'm such a loser going to see a phenomena with my coach and his family.' you miserably bashed yourself. There you sat in the back of Totosie's (coach) grand cherokee with his 13 year old son on a five hour drive to go see some never ending hole in the ground that shined light out of it. It's not like you didn't like his family, it's just that his wife and son always tried to include you in family outings like you were some lost puppy or something, plus you had the sneaking suspicion that his son had a huge crush on you. "Urahara, they said that the earthquake that made the hole in the ground was made by that meteorite," the teenage boy engaged eagerly. "Really?! Well what are they going to do about it?" you asked trying to seem interested. "I heard that a team of scientists are investigating but they haven't been able to go down into it because of the radioactivity, so it's all blocked off to the public but we will be able to see it from where we usually camp," Totosei's wife said. "Coool, it's radioactive!" his son marveled.

Two more hours past and it was about three o'clock in the afternoon by the time the four of you reached the canyon where the walking trail would be. Before the jeep even stopped Totosei's son was trying to get out of the vehicle. "Hold on there speed racer, we have to get the packs," Totosei reined the boy's enthusiasm back in. All four of you took a hiking pack each, that were filled with water bottles, food, disposable cameras, and first aid.

Half way on the trail your coach stopped by you. "We're glad you decided to tag along," he smiled at you warmly. "Yea," you thanked him. 'Tag along? Now I know they think that I'm a lost puppy, what do they want to adopt me? Damn do I seem that alone?' you ask yourself following in step behind the happy little family. Close to the top of the trail you started to see a bight light shining against the sky and through the trees on the down slope. It didn't take but an hour to reach the top. "Dad! Dad! Do you see! It's soo awesome!" The boy exclaimed running up to a wooden fence that lined the edge. The three of you followed by example. "Ohh wow!" Totosei's wife sighed in amazement. Your coach was speechless while he looked on. You took a place right behind his son to get the view that the rest of them had.. The scene was so unnatural all the trees had been ripped out by their roots around this massive crater in the ground. The hill down from where the four of you were looking on was bear of green it was just dirt and rock. The blemish on the earth's surface was glowing and it almost seemed to pulse. Your stomach felt like it was going to fall out your ass for some unknown reason and your heart seemed squeezed as you continued to stare at the crater. "There is something wrong about this," you murmured listening to your gut. "What-?" Totosei looked at you at the same time his son climbed onto the aged fence. Suddenly the board the boy stood on splintered under his weight and in less than a second the boy was falling. Foreseeing his long most likely fatal tumble down the 70% sloped hill you instantly grabbed onto his arm. Your thighs slammed into the two boards that were left and the two boards gave way right on impact. Seeing death you still held on to the kid.

All you heard was Totosei's wife scream and then you were grabbed by the strap of you small hiker pack that your one arm wasn't through. The boy was on the hill and squealing for his life while he struggled to gain footing on the steep slope. You held his arm desperately and looked behind your shoulder. Totosei was gripping the loose strap of your pack, his feet digging into the gravel of the edge of the cliff and his wife anchoring him by wrapping her small arms around his waist. She too was trying helplessly to pull you and her son up. You could see the immense strain on Totosei's face while he tried to pull you back but every time he stepped back he lost his footing, all because of the way you were positioned. To save the boys life it would mean your own demise but if you didn't act swiftly all four of you would perish.

"TOTOSEI GRAB HIM!!: you screeched as  you yanked the hundred and something pound boy up and behind you. Totosei let go of the pack with one hand but held the strap with the other when he grabbed his son's arm and pulled him up hard enough where he could scramble to safe ground. He went to grab at the strap again with his now empty hand but it was too late. The way and the force in which you hurled the boy up made you twist, and your arm quickly slipped out of the one strap. You frantically grabbed at Totosei who dropped the pack and just as frantically reached out towards you. "NO URAHARA!!!" he screamed. Looking at him wide eyed you fell backwards.

As soon as your back hit you started to roll. It was agony as the dirt and rocks dug into your skin while you went ever faster. The only sounds you could hear were your own screams and bone after bone breaking. You caught a glimpse of the crater you were rolling towards through the dirt in your eyes. The last blow came to your head and it was the most painful, everything went black.

Sasuke's P.O.V.
'Another day living in a life that has no meaning anymore,' you thought while walking next to Naruto and Kakashi, both men you had tried to kill at least six years ago. They were the ones that begged on your behalf to become a citizen to the newly built Konoha. You had accepted the invitation knowing you had nothing else to do but live out the rest of your days. For the past two years every sunday they would ask you to walk Konoha boarder for surveillance purposes. They would include you every time even though you said very little. You knew they loved you in their own ways but you felt relatively nothing towards anything, you couldn't even taste food anymore. Though knowing this you still didn't know why you even bothered.

"Ha ha yea Kakashi Hinata and I-huh?!" Naruto was stopped in the middle of his sentence by something appearing and falling out of the sky at a quick rate. It plummeted to the ground. Simultaneously the three of you exchanged glances and started running. There was a crash and all of  you look at each other once again. The trees started to thin and in a small clearing you immediately recognized the shape of a mangled body that laid in an indention in the ground, you ran faster, this was weird you actually felt something, stress maybe? The other two men noticed the figure the same time you did and matched your pace.

The three of you skidded to a stop, coming face to face with a gruesome sight. There laid a female who was bloody beyond compare, her clothes were shredded and her limbs were broken and twisted at unnatural angles. Kakashi checked the convinced that she was deceased. "She's Alive! Naruto take your coat off and help me put her on it like a stretcher," he barked. "Sasuke get to the hospital and have Sakura and Ino ready tell them to get all the medical ninja available!: You were gone before he even finished speaking. Admist to you the scorching need to save this women ran through you veins. You were at the hospital in no more than a minute. "Tell Sakura and Ino to get ready for massive trauma surgery all available med ninja are needed!!" you screamed look at all the personnel that stood through the busiest hallway in the medical center. People scattered some went to find the two Koinoichi (sp?) some scrambled to get ready for surgery. You ran out of the center to go see if Kakashi and Naruto needed assistance carrying the women. They were running down the street with her when you got outside. you held the doors open for them as they passed, you followed them straight to surgery.

The three of you waited outside the room while the injured women was worked on. After 22 hours of waiting you got up you had had enough. you had to know how it was going nobody had come to inform you guys about her condition. "Where you going?" Kakashi asked putting a hand up. "I can't just sit here we hon't even know what's going on in there!" you muttered knowing that Kakashi would note the emotion that colored you. He looked at you for a moment. "Yea Sasuke go see what's going on," Naruto butt in. You stalked off heading towards the double doors at the other end of the hall. Sakura and Ino walked through the doors just as you got 10 ft of them. Their gear was covered in blood, their hands and arms just freshly washed. The other two men noticed and walked over.

"What's her condition?" Kakashi asked stopping next to you. "She's stable under a coma right now but she'll be in recovery for at least 8 months," Ino said. "She is lucky that you men found her... but there is still a possibility that she might not make it," Sakura continued. The two girls looked down, clearly disturbed. "What! you just said she's stable!" Naruto half yelled. "Naruto her body was crushed when you brought her to us! She died six times during her surgeries!" Ino defended. Her words made your gut wrench. 'Why do I feel this way!' you panicked. "Well jeez I'm sorry!" Naruto looked away ashamed. "Look only time will tell we all just have to wait but for now that is all we can do." Sakura sternly spoke. "Do we know who she is?" Kakashi asked. "No, non-of us recognized her when she was finally cleaned up and she had no identification," Ino replied. "So what happened to her? Do you know?" Sakura looked at the three of you. "Well no, she just came falling out of the sky," Naruto said to her. You walked away you had to sort through yourself. "Wait where you going Susuke?" Naruto called. You ignored him.

 For the next six months you stopped by the medical center to check up on the mysterious women but she hadn't even woken up yet. You started to doubt that she ever would but still something pushed you to go there everyday. She was finally able to have people see her after a month. Her face was clear in you mind as you stepped out of your apartment and started towards the medical center.

Regular P.O.V.
'It's so...loud," you thought. 'Dark, so dark, my throat...' your mind groggily came to consciousness. 'Numb,' your body started to wake up and your eyes opened. Unfortunately your mind was still completely in a haze. Something was strapped to your face making it hard to breath. the lights ere bright and machines were buzzing around you. Red bursts of light flashed around you and severe pain    shot through your limbs making you scream and jump out of the bed, you started ripping all kinds of things out including a long tube from your throat. The machines went hay-wire making your body panic even more. Two men stepped in the room when you ran for the door. "Woah, hey hey calm down," one said raising his hands but both men moved to block the door. Quickly you ducked between them but one grabbed your wrist. "Let go of me!" you screamed giving him a swift back kick that sent him flying through a wall. Adrenaline took over your muscle function, you ran. Your legs ere moving so fast, threatening to ram you into walls as you rounded corners. People ran from you getting out of your path others started chasing after you yelling "Stop!" and "Stop that patient!" An entrance sign pointed right at the end of a long hallway you turned and screeched to a halt. Two women stood in your way of the sliding glass doors. "We are here to help you calm down," the pink haired lady put her hands up and slowly walked towards you. "We need to get you back to your room," the blond started to walk towards you as well. "Stay away from me!" you shouted grabbing the pink haired woman and throwing her aside. "Hey," the blonde got defensive and went to grab you but you dropped to the ground and preformed a sweep kick that knocked her to the ground. You could hear the mob that chased you getting closer. Mind racing, feet heaving you ran outside and down the street rocks digging into your feet.

You kept pushing your goal being to get away from the mob that still followed. Everything was unrecognizable, you had no idea where the hell you were. Rounding a building in hopes of losing the pursuers a black haired man was rounding the corner at the same time, you couldn't stop in time and ran right into him. the collision took the wind from your lungs and knocked you both on your asses. He got up and started to approach you. "Your Awake!.. What are you doing outside are you hurt?" he asked hand extended. "Stop don't touch me!" your hands went up to protect yourself and blue fire came up in front of you almost burning the man. Scrambling back in fear of the flames the same red bursting light surrounded you again. "Ahhhh," screaming you graveled in pain on the ground until everything went black.

Sasuke's P.O.V.
The hospital was just a block away one more corner and you would be able to see her in less than ten minutes  Lost in thought you didn't hear someone running around the corner. the someone ran into you. Looking up you saw that it was the same women you were on your way to see. Her pink eyes dazed you for a moment. Snapping out of it you got up and started towards her. "Your awake," you said "Why are you outside?" She looked completely frightened. "Are you hurt?," you asked going to help her up. "Stop don't touch me!" She yelled making you hesitate  She held her hands up and summoned a blue flame wave. You jumped back narrowly missing being lit on fire. "Ahhhh!" the flame died when you heard her screaming in terror. Red lightening surrounded her as she was crumpled on the ground. It dissipated as quickly as it struck her. You darted to her motionless body and checked her pulse. Sighing in relief you picked her up. Sakura, Ino and a dozen med ninja came around the corner and stopped catching sight of you and the girl. "What happened?" "Well I should ask you two the same thing, what the hell is she doing out of the medical center?" you were ticked off. "Woah Sasuke she woke up and threw Lotsu through a wall! She was disoriented and we didn't want to use excessive force!" Ino defended Sakura and herself. Clearing your face of emotion you said "Well she shocked herself with a lightening jutsu, so she needs to be looked at." you started towards the hospital leaving Sakura, Ino and the rest to follow you. "Pink eyes huh," you muttered and looked down at her unconscious form.

Regular P.O.V
You could hear whispering and a bight light shown through your eyelids. Slowly you became conscious for the second time in six months. "She's perfectly fine Sasuke, Sakura said all her injuries have healed back to normal," a funny sounding voice said. "It's a miracle that she could even walk let alone run and perform jutsu," a calmer voice replied. "her lightening was red Kakashi," a voice that was kinda familiar said. "Hey she's waking up!" the excitable on interjected. Your eyes fluttered open the same lights were bright in your face This time though you were very very calm almost lethargic. Blurry images came into focus, three men were standing over you. "How many fingers am I holding up," the voice was loud. "Naruto stop it and go get Sakura," the calm one said. "Yea sure!" All these names were not familiar 'who are these people?' you thought. There were no machines this time and nothing clogged your throat. "I.. I'm alive?" you spoke with a very scratchy tone. "Yes, your a very lucky woman," a female answered. The room at this point was becoming clear and the pink haired lady you had grabbed earlier and a blond man walked up to your bed. Images of red lightening and fire flooded your brain you counted it off as imagination. "Where's Totosei? Where am I?" you asked sitting up. The four people gathered around you looking at one another and then back at you. "Your in Konoha," the blond man said. "Why did the medics take me here the closest hospital to Mt. Raygaku is Singow?" you question scratching your head. The people around you looked very confused. "Where is that?" a man with a mask on asked. For the first time you noticed how funny they were dressed. "Duh in Japan," you said dumbfounded.

The four people looked at each other again. "Wait how long have I been here?"' you asked worried. "Six months you just woke up earlier today, you were in a coma for quite some time," the pink haired lady said. "How bad was I injured?" that frightened you. "Over 80 bones in your body were broken, you had a fracture in your skull, and many of your organs were punctured by your shattered ribs, but you've made the most excellent recover that I've ever seen," the lady said. "Oh wow I can't believe I'm alive.... Where's Totosei can I go home now?" you were shocked by the news. "No one by that name has come to see you, actually nobody here even knows what your name is," your heart sank as  this lady talked to you. 'No one has come to see me?' that hurt you saved his son and he didn't come to visit you even once. "My name is Urahara Tosinidou, what part of Japan am I in again?" your voice was monotone. They looked at each other for the third time. "Why do you people keep looking at me like that?" you were getting irritated. "We have no idea what your talking about, what ninja nation are you from?" the silver haired masked guy said. "Ninja? What? No, like Japan the Country?" 'What the hell?' you too were confused. "She hasn't had a psych eval yet." the only other lady said. "Excuse me?" you got up out of the bed. "Ahhh," red light extended from your hands in result blowing up the door. "Woah what was that?!" you screeched. "Hey that lightening jutsu was red!" the blond man wrapped an arm around your shoulders. "Your awesome!" "That came from me?" you had no idea what the hell was going on. "Maybe I do need my head checked." "Yes and you need to stop blowing up walls. Ah ha ha." The blond boy shook with laughter.

3 Hours later Sasuke's P.O.V.

Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and you  sat in the lobby and waited for Urahara's session to be over. The man that was talking with her finally stepped out of the door in front of you. When he turned around he had an exasperated look on his face. "Well she's clearly not insane... to an extent," he said looking through the papers on his clip board. "What do you mean?" Kakashi asked. "Well she says she's from a different place or rather a different universe or dimension if you will. I showed her a map and she believes that the world looks different. She drew me a map that looks nothing like the five nations. She can also grasp what ninjutsu and genjutsu are but where she comes from it's non existent in physical form. With her head scans her view of the world is not caused because of the trauma she endured. Urahara is highly intelligent and a rational thinker but on this one issue that include others, I apologize for the word choice, this is simply the only diagnosis I can explain the woman's a genius. If some of the things she said were possible it could change every thing." The man scratched his chin looking in the distance. "What does this mean for her?" Sakura asked concerned. You were getting pissed you wanted answers, if she was okay. It took so long for her just to wake up and you haven't even talked with her. "No medicine is going to help her, either someone comes for her or she remembers where she's from, if down the road this does not happen the information might have to take a look at her mind. I wouldn't recommend that right away though." "What concerns me is that if she was in danger when you gentlemen saw her fall out of the sky, I think you three should go and see the hokage, explain the situation see if you cant get her some protection."he suggested. "Take Urahara with you she is quite confused right now." With that he walked off. "I'll go get her,' you stepped through the door and shut it. There she sat still in her hospital robe. You walked up to her but she didn't look up. "We will get you some clothes and we are going to see what we can do for you," your voice was so soft it shocked you. She looked up at you making you wince. She had tears streaming down her face but her jaw was set hard. Never had you felt so propelled to feel sympathy for someone else. All you thought about was helping her.

Regular P.O.V. 6 Months Later
It had been six months since you woke up out of your coma. You woke up to a strange world that was totally different. There were no planes, telephones, vehicles, and no one has even heard of these things. It was hard to get used to especially trying to control your "chakra" as they called it. Though that was the best part of being stuck here. You were so much stronger here, faster, like a super hero. After you got your phsych evaluation the three men that saved your life took you to the hokage of their village and it was decided that the three would protect you until someone came for you or when you remembered were you were from. You remembered them saying something about extracting information as alternative too. Though you told them that you might have fallen into a creator and that could be the cause of the dimension switch. It took awhile to realize and truly accept that you weren't dreaming or something. Rarely did you consider the possibility that you were just crazy that your memories were not real. It seemed preposterous that you had lived a whole other life and have it turn out to be fake.

Your life changed, you lived with three different guys switching places every two weeks. You started working odd jobs to repay the men that were basically supporting you but they refused to except money (learning a whole new money system sucked!), so you spent it on food for their houses, clothing yourself, and necessities  The only other thing you did was train yourself to use your chakra and you had gotten pretty good but you kept your training secret for some reason you worried if it was okay or not.

Today you were on a grocery run for the Rosuskes. You walked down town and stopped at the news stand like usually. Nothing ever mentioned anything that suggested you were in your own world. "sigh" you walked away reminiscent  "The club was sweet you should come with us tonight," some kids were talking next to some magazines. You stopped and turned around. "Is there dancing at this club?" you asked walking up to the group that consisted of three guys and two girls, who all were a little younger than you. "Who are you?" one of the girls glared. "Oh sorry my name is Urahara, I- I'm new here so I don't really know of a lot of fun things to do but in Jap- where I am from I used to go to lots of clubs and dance," you figgited while they stared at you the guys smiling and the girls frowning. "Oh yea well my name's Koga, and I guess you could tag along with us," the tallest man stepped forward to shake your hand. "Oh thank you," you were excited finally a way to blow off some crazy ass steam, a way to feel like you were back in your world. "Meet us here at 9:00, see you then Urahara," the tall man winked at you and walked off his friends following. "I didn't know this world had things like dance clubs," you murmured and hurried off to do your jobs and buy an outfit.

The whole walk to Naruto's all you could think about was tonight. "I don't know if I should tell Naruto where I'm going," you worried that he might say you shouldn't. Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto were very adamant about knowing where you were at all times. About six weeks prior you were out in the wood's practicing ninjutsu, stayed to late and fell asleep at the base of a tree.  When they found you that next morning it was clear that they were furious, you lied to them and said you had been out jogging and fell asleep when you sat down to rest which was partially true. Sasuke was the most resentful for that, he didn't speak to you for two days. Truly they had become your closest friends, all four of you spent a lot of time together. They couldn't quite empathize with your situation so you kept all emotion inside. You knew dancing would help. Luckily when you got to Naruto's no one was there. "Got to hurry," you rushed into the house. Quickly you ate, showered, and redressed in the matter of thirty min so you had thirty min to get to the magazine stand and wait.

By the time you got there you felt silly waiting there wearing sea-foam green baggy pants that were open everywhere  except for straps that hooked from the belt loops to the knees and straps that hooked from the bottom of your butt to the back of your knees. The shirt that you had on was very revealing too, black and short like a sports bra, your boobs were pushed up higher than any breasts this size should be. The finger less gloves you wore were sea-foam green and the shoes that looked identical to Naruto's you had on were black. You hair was still short from a year ago when they shaved it for surgery it was almost back to it's original length but the back was shorter than the front from when you cut it yourself. "Where are they maybe they decided that it wouldn't be cool for me to come," you started to pace. "Damn I need a watch." you stamped the ground impatiently. "Hey! Glad you showed!" the same group came walking down the street, the tall guy from before was waving and yelling. "Hey good girl, great clothes," Koga said when the group got there. "Err thanks..." you said looking at the ground. 'Did he just call me good girl?' you thought. He introduced the other and the six of you left for the club.

It was magnificent! Huge building on the out skirts of Konoha. The bass inside was so heavy it shook the place. Different colored lights shined through the windows. Inside was even better. There was a stage with a DJ, people packed in, Honestly it was one of the best you'd ever been to. It was so easy to loose yourself in the music................................

Sasuke's P.O.V.
The sharp consistent raps at your door interrupted your concentration. "Mother fucker!" you growled internally as you stomped to the door, and you yanked it open. "What do you want Naruto, this better be good," you composed the angry twist that was your face. "Well ha ha yea I Sasuke," Naruto said nervously scratching the back of his head. Something was up. "What's going on Naruto?" you were getting irritated it was midnight and he had interrupted your meditation. "I can't find Urahara, she--" "What! What the hell Naruto!" "I got home at 8:30 and she wasn't there, and she hasn't shown up!" he defended. "Ughh I swear, come on lets go get Kakashi and find her," now you were livid you slammed the door shut and left Naruto behind to follow

It had been two hours since you started searching for her and finally got a lead from the woman who owned a down town magazine shop. 'How could she go to a place like that with strange people? That woman is predictably unpredictable. What could possibly appeal to her there?' Urahara was so much like you. She was practically a genius, in discussion on the theory of ninjutsu as she called it she had given you the tools to enhance many of your own jutsu. She never talked about family even if asked. The two of you talked more than you have talked to anyone in a long time. The things she said were new interesting concepts. Then again she was different almost opposite, always happy and caring, immature at times, very...pure. "Urahara really needs to stop running off like this, and not telling anyone, I know its hard she's a grown woman being baby-sat all the time, but still," Kakashi sighed. "Sasuke slow down," Naruto jogged up to you and grabbed your shoulder. "Don't touch me," you were still mad and you shook his hand off. "Sasuke I bet she's fi-," Naruto started to talk. "She'll be fine when we find her," you snapped. He didn't try to pursue the issue further. Finally you got to the damn place. By this time you were fuming. "She better be here," you grumble looking at the front doors of the loud grimy building. "Let's get this over with gentlemen," Kakashi said opening one of the doors.

Regular P.O.V
How you got on stage preforming it's a mystery. Could have been from the sake. Right at the moment you were flipping and spinning fire around your body at the same time. Water spheres that you controlled were hovering next to the lights giving the whole inside a underwater look. You stopped dancing when you saw two annoyed men and one very angry man standing at the end of the stage glaring daggers at you. With your concentration broken the spheres of water dropped drenching every one including your "happy" friends. Sasuke looked like he was steaming he seemed so furious he got up on the stage and started at you. "Let's go!" he shouted and grabbed your arm. "Hey I don't want to just one more song please," you pleaded and pulled your arm out of his grasp. "No! you know how long we've been looking for you and your here using you chakra as a trick, and dressed like that!" he yelled over the music. That hurt, his face was scrunched in rage. "Sasuke calm down," Naruto stepped in between you and the angry man. Sasuke turned and hopped off the stage emerging into the crowd to the exit. Kakashi came up to you. "We're glad that your fine," he said putting his hand on your shoulder. With that shamefully you followed them through the crowd and out of the building. Sasuke was waiting for the three of you. He didn't look at you once while he and Kakashi walked Naruto and you home. The whole way there Naruto and kakashi made you come clean about your chakra use. They lectured you saying it was an issue to be discussed later.

"I apologize I worried you, really I didn't meant to stay out that long," you apologized for the hundredth time feeling terrible. "It's okay you can stop Urahara all you did was do what you want, your an adult, just tell us next time," Naruto replied taking his shoes and coat off to hang up. "Sasuke doesn't see it that way," you mumbled doing the same with your shoes. "He wouldn't even look at me." "Urahara....He was really worried about you, protecting you is the first thing he's cared about in a long time," he said as he walked to his room. "Well good night." Naruto left you standing in the living room to stir in all these new emotions.

2 Days Later
"Naruto can't I stay here for a few more days?" you whined, Sasuke was probably still mad at you, that man knew how to hold a grudge. "If you don't go over there then he's going to come over here," he grabbed your bags and shoved them at you. "I can't believe your just going to feed me to the wolf like this," you resisted a little as your so called friend shoved you out of his apartment. "It's nothing that I got against you but ya know, come talk to me and Kakashi in a few days it's important okay," he smiled and hugged you. "Fine, see you later Naruto," you sulked away towards Sasuke's house. "Later," he shut his door.

'I don't wanna do this,' you repeated mentally heading up the stairs of Sasuke's apartment. You barely knocked on the door. When Sasuke opened the door he did so with a speed that it sucked your hair inward. 'Yup still mad,' you thought looking away from his gaze. He moved out of the way but held the door. You stopped in front of him and looked him straight in the eyes. Those frosty eyes turned you cold. "Sasuke... I owe you an apology, I had no intention of...displeasing you," you chose your words very carefully. He almost looked like he was about to snarl and he quickly walked away shutting the door as he left you to stand there. He didn't come out of his room for the rest of the night. The next two days were the same no sign of him. Today you trained and thought about him, his attitude made you gradually more angry as the day came to a close. You were going to let him have it when  you go to his place. Upon arrival you went straight to his bedroom at the end of the hall and banged on the door. "Sasuke come out of there I have something to say," you waited with no response. There was no way you were going into his room. Instead you decided to go shower and then cook some food.

The front door opened and closed after you got naked and the shower started. "Ahh, I think I'll make onigiri with shrimp," you talked to yourself and stretched under the hot water. You didn't hear Sasuke go into his room. All confidence vanished, on operation 'confront Sasuke'. "I think I'll just be passive aggressive and not let him have any of my dinner," you chuckled maniacally. There was only so much you could do in the bathroom to avoid him besides you had forgotten your clothes so now you had to run across the hall to the guest bedroom in nothing but a towel. Walking out of the bathroom you turned left to go to your room and stopped dead caught. Sasuke stood at the end of the hallway in the living room next to the kitchen entrance. All he had on were his pants and shin wrappings, the light from the kitchen defining every muscle of his torso. You scanned one another. He looked away his face turning red, you scurried off to your room to get dressed, face ablaze. "Wow," was all you could whisper while getting dressed. "He's never walked around like that," you mumble slipping on you panties and cotton shorts. Sasuke was sitting at the kitchen table still shirtless when you entered to start making food. You could feel his eyes on you the whole time you boiled rice, steamed seaweed, and de-veined the shrimp.

Sasuke's P.O.V.
All day long you followed Urahara around making sure she didn't go off on her own again. You were still upset with her. It was so hard not to take her in your arms when she apologized to you. it was sun down by the time you followed her home you let her go in and waited about ten minutes before going in your self. She was in the shower. " I should apologize to her," you muttered pacing back and forth in the kitchen passed the hallway and into the living room. You took off your shirt and shoes leaving them by the couch. The smell of her body soap and shampoo drifted out like it always did when she finished showering. It smelt nice. Stopping at the end of the hallway you planned to ambush her but the sight presented before you stopped you dead in your tracks. There she stood staring at you, hair wet, water still dripping off her body, and wearing nothing but a small soaked towel that didn't come anywhere near her knees. She never came out in just a towel, you looked away in a hurry and put your hand to your mouth ashamed of your thoughts for the millionth time. She's the only woman you thought about in that way...'naked underneath me and screaming my name,' you shook the thoughts off again and got a glass of water to sit down at the table with. "Regardless I need to apologize," you whispered hearing her door open.

Regular P.O.V.
Apparently he still wasn't talking to you. He could be so stubborn. 'Well if he wants to keep behaving that way then he'll receive the same treatment,' you sighed unhappily at the thought of it being this way between him and yourself. Usually communication was quite pleasant with him. Finished with your rice balls you put them all on a clean plate stacked neatly and removed two onto a separate plate for yourself. Usually you would serve him as well and the two of you would eat together. After you took a bite still standing at the counter you heard him grunt and get up from the table. He came over and put four of the onigiri on a dish for himself and sat back at the table. 'The petty games we play..why?' you laughed mentally. In less than a millisecond you took it back from him as he was about to reach for one and set it back on the counter. Sasuke looked down at the table then at you, to his plate on the counter and back at you, his face completely bewildered by your quick controlled movement. "What did you do that for?" he irritably asked in a loud tone. "Because you can't have any!" you chuckled a bit at his face. "Why not!" his voice got louder, he wasn't pleased with this farce. "I made them they are mine," you laughed taking a bite of one and putting it back. Sasuke was not into the game. "Well this is my house," he fired back. "If you feel that way about it I'll just take myself and my food else where," his comment struck a nerve so you went to reach for the plate.

Before you knew it he slammed you against the closed pantry door. Your hands were pinned above your head by his left and his right hand was firmly pressed against the curve in your side. "Ow what the hell Sasuke," your head had hit the pantry door. "Your not the only one who can move fast..." he looked into your eyes. Now that he was this close he seemed stalkier than normal. He was a large man. "Sasuke I-" you started to say. "I'm sorry for ignoring you it was... unfair," he said looking back and forth between your eyes. Clearly he deduced the conclusion of the game. Your face was on fire because he still held you in this position. Biting your bottom lip you looked up at him. "Sasuke... I guess you can have some of my food now," you joked smiling brightly. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against yours. "I do not feel like eating at the moment," he whispered with furrowed brows his hot breath rolled across your lips making your heart pitter-patter and your stomach twist. "What-what do you feel like?" you stammered not knowing if you were misinterpreting the situation. At the moment suddenly you wanted more than just an apology, much more. One small move and his lips were pressed against yours. They were soft and warm, you liked it. Slowly your eyes closed and you pressed back. Eagerly he slipped his tongue across your bottom lip. With out hesitation you gave him what he silently asked for. To give him entrance you barely parted your lips. He darted in making your mouth open wider. Submitting to his will you let him explore moving your palate in the opposite direction of his. It made for a great dance. Everything in the apartment was quiet except both of your breathing. Sasuke slowly began to rub your side with his hand that was placed on your hip, moving his thumb back and forth so it speed bumped over your rib cage. Never had you been intimate with someone willingly. Now you couldn't believe how much you had been missing out on. The feeling that consumed your body was absolutely great especially the heat gathering in your lower abdomen.

Sasuke's P.O.V.
It was on impulse that you got physical with her. Under no circumstances did you want her to leave. Now that you had her pinned against the door logically being this close to her probably wasn't a good idea... for her. New emotions flooded in one after another until one stuck. Urahara's breasts were pushed up close to her neck, you couldn't help but look. After saying sorry to her she smiled and offered you her food. But her food was not on your mind the ache below your belt was much more prominent. 'How does she always look so innocent,' you thought laying your forehead on hers. Not thinking of the consequences or the option that she might reject your advances, you tilted your face. Her lips were soft and she smelt so overbearingly sweet. Explosions were alight behind your eyelids, all feeling and emotion came flooding back. It had been so long since you felt anything.

Hungrily you took it further swipping your tongue across the dimple in her lip, how badly you wanted to taste her. She gave no objection. Urahara was making this way to easy for you to take control. 'She has to realize the kinds of things I want to do to her by now,' you wondered. you started to rub her side enjoying the curves of her shape. This motion caused her tiny shirt to bunch up revealing skin that was hot to the touch. Again she made no objection when your fingers tips brushed her skin and when you slipped your hand fully under her shirt. Gripping her hip you pulled away from her lips and started kissing her jaw bone up to her ear and then down her neck to her collar bone. You could hear her slightly heavy breath in your ear. "Sasuke," she whispered, that excited you. "Mmph," you gave her bony hip a squeeze and nipped her collar bone.

"Sasuke," she spoke your name again but this time tried to pull her wrists out of your hand. Stopping you looked at her searching her face for signs that she did not want to continue.Though found the exact opposite. Her cheeks were flushed and her pink eyes cloudy. "I want..." she whispered and pecked your lips. "I want to touch you too," she pleaded moving her wrists again. Grinning you let her arms go and moved her away from the door. She wrapped her arms around your neck weaving her slinder fingers through your hair.

Regular P.O.V.
It felt so good to have his rough hand on your skin though it drove you mad that you couldn't touch him. you tried to slip your wrists out but it didn't work so you tried again and this time he stopped kissing you giving you a funny look. "I want to touch you too," you pecked his lips. He let go of your arms and wrapped his arms around you bringing you away from the pantry door. His kisses were harder now as he slipped both his hands under you shirt. His hands roamed your back and found the clasp of your bra as you were just starting to outline the individually bulged muscles on his back. The breath caught in your throat and you froze as he unclipped the clasp. Sasuke then took a small step back hand coming back to rest on your hips. The look on his face made you feel like your breast bone was being pressed on really hard but you liked it. With his thumb and middle finger he began to slowly slip your shirt and bra off. The cool air made your nipples erect when you lifted your arms up for Sasuke to take your shirt off. He threw your garments somewhere in the kitchen. Self conscious you looked away fidgeting with the hem of your shorts.

Silence between the two of you ticked on it felt like an eternity. "Urahara," Sasuke whispered and reached out towards you grabbing your chin. reluctantly you looked into his eyes. They were as soft as cotton and his smile was genuine. 'I've never noticed how beautiful his face is,' you thought stepping towards him until you breasts were pressed against his warm chest. The skin to skin contact was pleasant it made your pelvis feel like it was sinking, wetness started to dew up between your legs. Sasuke went straight for your neck as you went back to tracing the muscles on his arms and back with your fingertips. He was breathing heavier as he kissed and licked at the sensitive spots. One hand was placed in the middle of your back holding you to him and the other roamed free touching your arm side and back. It didn't take him long to venture further. Both of his large hands smoothed down the small of your back towards your ass. He pinched the fabric under your buttocks between his thumbs and pointer fingers. Then he pulled your little cotton shorts down past your butt. He started to kiss you again and let the shorts fall to the floor now you were completely naked except for your panties which were rapidly becoming damp. 'this is so not fair, I'm pretty much naked and he still has his pants on,' you whined inside breaking the kiss but gave his lover lip a hard nibble. "Hmmnn," he gave a little smirk then quickly picked you up by the bottom side of your thighs which in turn forced your legs to be pulled apart and placed on either side of his waist. Sasuke turned around and sat you right at the edge of the table.

The table was much cooler than the heated temperature of your skin and it sent goose bumps sailing up your backside. Sasuke kissed you deeply before continuing down your chest. The trail he left behind tingled. You stared down at him as his shapely lips reached the top of your right breast. Turning his head to the side and wrapped it around your puffy nipple making you gasp. You watched as he worked. He grabbed your other breast squeezing it while pushing hard against your chest. The breath in your lungs became loudly shallow. Noise built up in your voice box threatening to burst through. Sasuke looked up at you with a mischievous grin, that made blood tint your cheeks. He flickered his tongue rapidly across the hardened nub then took it into his mouth sinking his teeth into it and pulling. The pain was mute at best with a tingle of high voltage pleasure traveling to your navel. When he let it go it bounced back into its normal position.

Sasuke stood back up placing his left hand flat on the table beside you. His right hand smoothed across your outer thigh but quickly got tired of it and moved to the inner part dangerously close to the one spot that yearned to be touched the most. "Mmmeeh," you whimpered and kissed his shoulder. "Do you want me?" His husky voice was deep static in you ear. "Ye-yes." The sweet reply inflated his ego making him grin. Without hesitation he applied pressure to your clit with two fingers and rubbed clockwise on top of your panties. With mouth slightly agape you panted, senses delighted by the heat slowly turning into hot flames between you hips. "Yes what?" Sasuke asked breathing hard on you neck as he left hot opened mouthed kisses. It was hard to respond but scrunching your nose you forced the hoarse whispered words from your voice box. "Yes, I want you." That's all he needed to push the soggy part of your panties to the side and glide a digit into the wetness of your woman hood. "Hah na!" you wrapped your left arm around his back and gripped the edge of the table for support.

Sasuke's P.O.V.
Urahara automatically opened her legs when you stared to pump your one finger in and out of her. After this she would be yours no one would take her away. She was new to this world new to you. She is the only person that made you think of the future.

With every small pump you gauged her reaction determining what she liked. A particular spot that made her moan was on top towards the back wall. You decided to exacerbate the tease your were giving her. Adding another digit you targeted that spot. Her body reacted  her hips started to teter totter and her gasps came out in small moans. "Hah aah nnnn," her moans had a high tone to them. "Pl-please more nnnaeh," she pleaded. She was so wet her lubricant was dripping down into the palm of your hand. If she wanted more you would give her more. Continuing you knelt down and quickly began licking at her swollen pearl. She was surprised yelping in harmony with your licks. "ooohh mmm," she wasn't hiding her moans anymore. Feeling her walls start to clamp you knew she was close you sped up and she started to tense grabbing at your hair with one hand. "Annnaa Sa-sasuke uh naa," she came throwing her head back, her juices releasing on your hand. Removing your hand from her you stood up and wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and licked her come off one of your fingers for her delight.

After she gathered herself she stood up off the table and pressed herself against you. Urahara kissed you twirling her tongue around yours to get a taste of herself. When she pulled back to look at you a bridge of saliva connected  your tongues. That turned you on. Sliding her hands across your chest and stomach she slid her right hand down your pants in your boxers and grabbed you. It hurt but felt so good it gave you a cold shiver.  Teasing you she pumped slowly and rubbed her thumb over the tip. You grabbed her small back and butt running one hand under the latex of her panties and squeezing one gorgeous globe. She bit at your neck leaving sweet kisses at inflamed sights where she bit real hard. Stopping, you removed her hand from you. Her face showed that she knew what was about to transpire you smiled and led her back to your bedroom.

Regular P.O.V.
Though you were more than willing to do this is it was still hard to keep your pulse and adrenaline low. But you were curious to see what his room looks like. It was average not what you were expecting a big bed with blue covers and some white pillows. There was a black circle rug on the floor a desk, window, and a big red and white symbol hanging above the head of the bed. He turned on the light closed the door and locked it. When the two of you walked next to the bed he turned around and kissed you as he dropped his pants to the floor. After stepping out of them he sat down on the bed holding out his hand for you to join him. Instead of grabbing it you decided to reciprocate for him and dropped to your knees. He smiled like the devil as you scoot up to him and lift your breasts to graze them on his knees. Grabbing his large cock you swirled your tongue around the large helmet. "hhhaaa," he sighed throwing his head back. Not liking to be teased he ran his hand through your hair and grabbed it at the back of your skull. "Do-don't tease," he whispered looking at you. The task was not at all easy. You took him in slowly but your mouth was being stretched and you could only get halfway down the swollen shaft. "Huhhh," he panted heavily as you sucked on him. He pushed your head down further when you swallowed. "H-harder Urahara....uuugh faster," you complied and felt him on the back of your throat. Seeing he enjoyed that immensely you continued to bob down till he reached the back every time. "ye-yess Urahara mmm," he pulled your hair up into a pony tail with one hand. "Urahara," he signaled that he was at his limit by pushing your head far down on him making you gag. His cock swelled and shot come down your throat that you gladly swallowed. Being done you licked the sticky come off making him stiff again.

Sasuke held out his hands for you to get up. Sweetly he kissed the outside of your panties and reached up to take them off. You stepped out of them and he tossed them somewhere unimportant. He moved over for you to crawl on the bed. It almost seemed like all your moves were pre planned. Like a black panther he crawled on top of you spreading your legs wide with his knees. With that delicious mouth he kissed you and entangled his left hand with your right. With his right hand he rubbed the tip of his cock along the opening of your tight little hole. "Ohhh ah," you withered beneath him. When he pushed just the head in it felt so good but as he started to slide further in the pain was prominent. You winced as you heard a low popping sound once he filled you. "Look at me uuuhhhg," he winced to from the tightness of your walls. You gripped his hand tightly and bit your tongue. Slowly he pulled out and pushed back in letting you adjust to the foreign object. It didn't take long before the pain was washed away by pure pleasure. "Sa-sasuke please faster," you begged that bundle of great heat started to regather. Speeding up he took your right nipple in his mouth and bit it. "Ahh haaah nnaa," you moaned louder bucking your hips with his speed. "Wrap your legs around me," he thrust harder into you. Doing as he said you found he went deeper pushing at your cervix forcefully. You dug your nails into his back. "Mmhhmm," he moaned above you. Clear sweat gathered on the surface of his skin. Sasuke wrapped his palms around your hip bones digging his finger tips into your toned flesh. The pressure building inside was so great it made your walls ache. Gripping the sheets your knuckles slowly became ghost white while he jolted your body upwards with a hard thrust only to pull you back into a forceful pound. Reality was very clear, the sounds of heavy pants, moans, and his skin meeting with yours, it all added to the emotional and physical pleasure.

His gaze shifted down to watch himself pump in and out of your tender flower. The sight sent an erotic pulse through your body and your legs began to twitch. When you looked back up he was staring at your face and he licked his lips. The force of his enjoyable abuse increased with his speed. "Hah hhaa nnnnaah Sasuke!" you began to scream on the brink of bursting. "Ura-ha-ra," he panted nearing his release. "Saasukeee!" you screamed coming all over him. It dripped down into the apex of your thighs as he continued sliding in and out of you at an inhumane speed intensifying your orgasm. The walls of your pussy pulsed erratically and you felt him swell before depositing his hot come. Sasuke's pace slowed till he was stationary sitting inside of you still. Slowly he pulled out and leaned down and captured your dry lips. Unbeknownst to you he was not finished. Still in a kneeling position he pulled your body up to kneel with him. "Urahara, turn around lovely," his voice was calm and collected. "Huh," you whispered legs shaking slightly from your orgasm. He made a turn around motion with his index finger. Doing as told you turned around placing your shins on either side of him and trying to watch from the corner of your eyes. Sasuke spread your legs so he could kneel between them. His cock was hard once more and he began to slide the shaft against your saturated folds nice and slow. "How do you want it now?" he whispered creating a charged atmosphere. Now it was he that wanted to play games. Suddenly he gripped your hair making you gasp. The feel of his tongue along the shell of your ear made you shiver. "Uraharaaa?" he was impatient and raked his teeth on your lobe. When he ran one big hand up your stomach to clutch your breast it made you melt into him. "How should I take you now?" his excitement was uncontainable he took one erect nub between his index and middle finger squeezing it hard enough to coax a squeal out of you. "MmEee! Sa-Sasuke!" he rolled it between his fingers harshly. "Ta-take me how you want to!" you yelled what you knew he wanted to hear.

"I'm going to make you scream," the silk of his voice induced goose bumps. Releasing your left breast he glided himself to sit inside you. "Uuuhhhg!" the girth of his dick felt larger somehow. "Yuh!" you cried out when he gave a firm smack to your left ass-cheek no doubt leaving a red mark from the sound. 'Oh yess, I liked that,' you thought. "Mmmmuuh," you let out a loud moan. The hand gripping your hair released it's hold to gather all of it into a pony tail. The hold Sasuke had tightened the skin on your scalp. "Move for me," he groaned the order pulling his chest away from your back. This left your back bowed away from him and your arms dangling for support. With purpose you began slowly rocking on your knees and dipping your hips every time, when your raw opening reached the hilt of his large man hood you moaned uncontrollably. "Mmm haa," he moaned watching your sweat glistened body. "Uuuhh naaah Sasuke!" He rotated his hips with a sick grind, hitting that sweet spot when you slip to the hilt once more. Continuing his movements he wrapped his left arm around your waist bringing you almost flush with him. Twisting your head to the side he kissed you shoving his tongue deep. Suddenly he pulled out all the way to the tip and drove back in with a mind numbing force. "Fwaah!" you pulled away from him to see his gorgeous face in a smirk teeth gritted. "Haah nnaah nnah ah!" your voice was loud in your own ears but you couldn't control it. "Scream for me, scream my name!" Sasuke commanded between the loud gasps. The treatment increased making it hard for you to tell one thrust from another, the pressure inside of you felt constant as if he wasn't pulling out at all. "Sa-Sasukkee! Ohhh aaahhn fwa hah!" by this point you were screaming. Sasuke bit down on your neck no doubt leaving a bruise but the pain only made your legs vibrate in pleasure. The fluid that built up was much more powerful this time. "Oh hah hah Sa-Sa-Sasuke," you shook stammering a shout as you came. "Urahara!," he gasped still pounding you as he came. The force of his ejaculation made you shudder violently.

After letting go of your hair he wrapped his arms around your trembling body, in-turn you hugged his arms against you letting your head rest on his shoulder. With him still inside you he left butterfly kisses all over your neck. "I love you Urahara," he spoke softly out of his nature. "I love you too Sasuke," you faintly returned. "Uuuhh," he pulled out of you. After laying down he pulled the covers up and pulled you close touching his forehead to yours. Tangling his legs with yours he slipped his fingers between yours holding them gingerly. 'Why is he looking at me like that?' The look on his face was a mix between curiosity and confusion. "What?" you whispered it was very quiet now. He just smiled kissed your lips and closed his eyes. 'I've never seen him smile so much better not ruin it,' you closed your eyes and fell into blissful sleep.

Sasuke P.O.V. Next morning

The knocking on your door woke you up. You were still tangled with Urahara, gently you pulled away from her. She shifted but continued to snooze quietly when you got off the bed. Quickly you threw some normal clothes on and went to open the door but not before closing her door. Knowing who it was already you opened it. Naruto and Kakashi walked right on in past you. "Hey Sasuke," Naruto greeted. "Where's Urahara she was supposed to talk with Kakashi and I this morning," Naruto started towards the hallway to her room with Kakashi. "Let her rest she's not feeling well," you interjected containing your urgency. They stopped three feet into the hallway past the kitchen entrance. "She okay?" Kakashi asked. "She said she wasn't feeling well," you shrugged. Kakashi stepped towards the entrance of the kitchen and by the looks of it caught sight of something. "Okay well if she is feeling better bring her to see us," Naruto walked back towards the door. "Catch ya later Sasuke..." he opened the door, "You comin' Kakashi?" he stopped. Kakashi whipped his head from the kitchen. "Yea," his voice was scratchy. The look on his face made you snicker  you knew what he had seen. His face was red and he shot you a look making a tsk tsk tsk sound as he walked out. You slammed the door 'Whatever,' you thought not caring as you walked back to your room. She woke up when you closed the door. Sitting up she exposed her perfect naked torso. "Good morning," she sighed lightly. The sun was shining on her making her skin and hair gleam. At that moment you imagined her swollen with your child, for some reason it made you stiff instantly  "Urahara," you groaned walking towards the bed slowly undressing. "Sasuke?" she questioned. Like she didn't know, it made you chuckle. You proceeded to make love to her again.


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